If someone told you that you could cuddle up with your cat on the couch, and order their food from the Internet, would you believe them? Well, you should believe them, because ordering cat food from the Internet and getting it delivered right to your home is becoming a popular way to ensure you always have food for your feline friend. Sometimes, there is not a store near you that provides the specific cat food that you need for your cat, or the prices are too high at the surrounding stores, and you need a different option. Luckily, the world of online shopping has opened its doors to cat food, and you can take advantage of this easy one-stop shopping at these websites.


PetSmart is a huge retailer for anything cat or animal related. Usually, a person can just go to the store and pick up whatever they need for their cat, but sometime this is not an option for some cat owners. They could be far away from a PetSmart, or their PetSmart could not carry their brand at the store that is closest to them. Going online, you can get any food that PetSmart has to offer, and they have a large selection of other foods that you can look through, as well. They also have a clearance section on the website that is abundant with deals and coupons that are specific to online ordering only. You can find what you need on this website for a cheaper price, and you don’t have to leave your cat at home while you go get it from the store.


This website provides cat owners with a wide variety of natural and organic pet foods and supplies. While getting the organic and natural foods can be quite costly, OnlyNaturalPet.com provides consumers with organic and natural foods at affordable prices. Sometimes the stores nearby do not carry a specific organic food that your cat enjoys, or it is just too costly. This website provides coupons and monthly deals on pet supplies and food, ensuring that you do not over pay on your cat’s food. They offer free shipping on all orders $79 and over, and only a $6.99 flat rate on all other orders. They also show what the most popular products are, and provide reviews on organic cat foods, so you can be educated about the foods that are out there.


The name of this website mirrors exactly what the main feature of this website is, pet food directly to you. The first thing that happens when you go to this website is that they offer you 15% off and free shipping on your first order of $79 or more. During different months, they also offer up to 60% on food, treats and more, so make sure to check back regularly for the best deals. They provide more than 350 premium brands of food, and give codes for free shipping and discounts right on the home page. You can also save up to 45% on top brands of cat food.


The name of this website just seems cute and fun, and the site itself is easy to navigate for your specific cat food needs. They give up to 20% off on most cat foods, as well as on specific brands. It also shows you “purr-worthy” brands of food that have high reviews and have great sales on them. It also shows you the list price of the foods, and how much you will be saving buying from their website, ensuring that you are saving money by shopping on their website. You can also browse cat foods by price, rating, organic and recently added, giving you many ways to find the best deal on your cat’s food.