Let's face it, cookies are one of those delightful little treats that make eating sweets the perfect way to satisfy our little cravings for sweets. Still, as much as we all enjoy them, the harder it is for us to justify filling ourselves with their high calories, high sugar, and high fat content. But there is a way to still get your favorite sweet treats and at the same time keep your meals healthy. Try making your own zucchini cookie recipes. It's a perfect way to hit your sweet spot without causing any damage to your health.

Why Is Making Cookies With Zucchini Beneficial?

By making your cookies with zucchini, you can knock out two food groups at the same time, which are vegetables and dessert. You may not be able to get your kids to eat your steamed vegetables but put them in a cookie and watch what happens. They don't even need to know that you've used zucchini in the preparation. In fact, it may be better if you don't tell them. That way you won't cloud their idea of a great treat.

Zucchini As A Substitute:

By using shredded zucchini as a substitute for higher calorie ingredients in your cookies, the taste will barely be noticeable if at all. And for those who are looking for ways to cut down on their cholesterol, zucchini can help your cookies to still have the body and texture that eggs usually have, and add in a little extra moisture as well. That way your cookies will still maintain than body that adds to the experience of eating home baked cookies.

Zucchini And Chocolate:

The fact is, zucchini cookie recipes actually go very well with chocolate and other prominent desserts. They will make sure that your cookies remain moist and tender, maintain the texture without compromising the body. And because the flavor is so mild, it won't diminish the flavor of the chocolate or other flavoring ingredients when added. In most cases, people won't even notice that you've used a healthier option for your favorite sweet treat.

Where To Find Good Zucchini Cookie Recipes:

If you don't have your own zucchini recipes and you're not comfortable enough to create your own, it won't be a problem. There are lots of them available for free online on some of the healthier cooking websites. Simply putting in zucchini cookies in the search engine will reveal to you a long list of cookie and dessert ideas. All you need to do is to read through them and choose the one that you think will be best for you.

Everyone has a little bit of a sweet tooth. We crave for all sorts of cookies, cakes, pies, and candies of all sorts. Yet, we are all concerned about maintaining better control of our health. By using zucchini in our favorite desserts and treats we can get the best of both worlds without compromise. Your guests won't notice the difference in flavor, nor will they care once they've had a chance to enjoy them made with zucchini. There's no longer a need to avoid dessert and your favorite sweet treat. Using zucchini as a primary ingredient can help you to still satisfy that sweet tooth.