When it comes to the amount of salt that you should be getting in your regular daily diet, most experts encourage moderation. The truth is that significant amounts of sodium can have a serious impact on your health by not only raising your blood pressure, but also damaging the linings of arteries. On average, Americans consume about 3,500 mg of salt, or sodium, every day. According to the American Heart Association, we shouldn't be eating any more than a single teaspoon each day – which equals around 2,300 mg. This recommendation drops significantly to only 1,500 mg for individuals who are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Because most of the sodium tend to come from processed foods, many people simply think that they can just avoid pre-packaged meals as much as possible. But maintaining a great diet while lowering your sodium levels can be easier than you think. If you're looking for ways to reduce the amount of sodium that you consume each day, considering a list of low sodium foods may be a good place to start.

1. Swiss Cheese

Engaging in a healthy diet that's good for your body and mind doesn't mean that you have to avoid all of the pleasures that food has to offer. In fact, you can still indulge in one of the world's favorite foods – cheese. Packed with calcium and protein, we love cheese in all of its many forms – whether it's by itself on a board with crackers, in a sandwich, or on top of pizza. Though all cheeses may not cut it as sodium-low foods, some types do come quite close. A single slice of American cheese will contain about 400 mg of sodium – making it a particularly salty choice. However, an ounce of cheddar cheese only contains 175 mg of sodium, and Swiss cheese only contains 75 mg, making it a fantastically friendly option.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to healthy eating, fruits, and vegetables aren't just going to show up on a list of low sodium foods, but also on lists for all of the best health-boosting diets around. Where possible, it's best to choose frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables over canned options, and you can happily indulge in a wide variety so long as you don't douse them in sauces and other additives.

3. Diet Soda

The truth is that when you search for a list of low sodium foods, you'll often discover that water is the most recommended beverage for a healthy diet. However, although H2O will always give you the best benefits, it's also worth noting that certain diet sodas have particularly low amounts of sodium. For example, 12 ounces of diet Coke only contains about 40 mg of sodium, and diet Pepsi in the same amount contains about 35 mg of sodium.

Still, it's important to bear in mind that even though these sodas may be low in sodium, they are regularly high in substances, such as artificial sweeteners, and can increase your chances of suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes.
4. Grains, Breads and Cereals

Rice, pasta, and unsalted popcorn can all be great parts of a low-sodium diet, as long as you refrain from adding extra salt to the pan. Neglecting to soak your popcorn in butter and salt allows you to experience all of the benefits of a healthy wholegrain without the negatives. Plus, popcorn is high in fiber and low in fat!