Teaching how to brew your own coffee at home is challenging, but it is a simple task. The ingredients are coffee and water, but as a sweetener, add milk, sugar, or both to taste.

Each serving of coffee requires six ounces of water and two rounded tablespoons of coffee. Multiply these quantities by the number of persons who want coffee. Doing the correct calculations for the amount of brewed coffee can save both time and energy cost.

Using more than the amount of water recommended in the brewing process will give coffee a bitter taste. For a weaker brew, just add hot water after brewing.

Taste is one of the most important elements in having a cup of coffee. The method of brewing chosen will affect both the taste and aroma of the product. It can also affect the amount of caffeine in the product.

Different Methods of Brewing Coffee

There are several methods of brewing coffee at home. The three most common methods are the percolator, drip coffee brewer and French press.

The Percolator

The percolator is one of the simplest methods. It has a filter basket for the coffee and the main area in the pot for holding water. The process is as follows. Open percolator lid and pour water in the pot. Place ground coffee in filter basket and close the percolator lid.

Set the water to boil. When the water starts boiling, it is visible through the lid. Allow it to boil for three minutes. Remove from stove or unplug electric cord. This will depend on the type of percolator, stovetop or electric. Coffee is ready. Sweeten if necessary and served.

The Drip Coffee Brewer

The drip coffee brewer is another popular method. This brewer has a pan described as a carafe for holding water and a filter basket. Pouring water into the pan from a lid or by removing the compartment for the filter basket are two ways of adding water. The process follows. Open the lid of the brewer. Pour water into the pan by either of two means described above. Place ground coffee in filter and place in filter basket. The filter basket has its own compartment at the top of the carafe. Allow water to boil for three minutes. The coffee is ready for serving.

French Press

The third and final method is the French press. This method is suitable for medium to coarse ground coffee. The process is as follows. Set water to boil to between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Place ground coffee in the pot. Pour boiling water onto the coffee in the filter. Use a spoon to stir the mixture. Cover the container with the filter assembly.

Allow the coffee to steep for three to four minutes. The time is dependent on the amount of coffee required. Hold plunger and press down slowly. This ensures that the coffee stays to the bottom of the pot. Hold plunger in place while pouring out coffee to prevent ground coffee from falling into the cup. Serve coffee immediately.

The French press method is the best method. It brews a better tasting coffee that has less caffeine. Percolator or drip coffee brewing is suitable for people who need more caffeine in their coffee. These methods sacrifice some of the taste.

Better tasting coffee requires boiling water of between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will preserve not only the taste, but also the aroma. This is necessary for all three methods.