There are many foods at the pet store to choose from, giving dog owners a wide variety of brands and flavors to browse through. Overall, many of the dogs foods that are out there provide a great range of nutrients that are essential to your dog’s health. With all of the varieties that pet stores and online retailers provide, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of choices and all of the foods telling you that they are the best and most nutritious for your dog. By taking a look at the list below, you can start your search by looking at some of the top rated dog foods across the nation, ensuring you that you are making a good choice for your dog. This will also give you peace of mind, and less stress when trying to pick out a dog food.

1.) Newman’s Own Organics

According to numerous sources, Newman’s Owns Organics is 95% organic. This means that the meats that are in the food are free-range, and any of the fruits and vegetables are grown in soil that is all natural, with no added chemicals or hormones. The formula contains chicken and chicken meal as its first two protein sources, giving the food a leg over many other foods that do not provide a lot of protein. Vitamins C and A are used as preservatives, unlike other dog foods that use chemicals as preservatives. This makes Newman’s Own Organics a great choice for you dog, as it gives them natural ingredients that provide them with the nutrients they need.

2.) Orijen

The first five ingredients in Orijen contain a large amount of protein. These ingredients are fresh boneless chicken, chicken meal, fresh boneless salmon, turkey meal, and herring meal. The meat that is in Orijen’s foods are fresh and never frozen, ensuring that all the nutrients that the meats provide go straight to your dog, and are not lost. They also use vitamin E and airtight packaging to preserve freshness of the food, making sure that not only does it provide your dog with great nutrients, but tastes good as well.

3.) Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is popular among many pet stores across the nation because they do no use any by-product meals with chicken or any other poultry, and they also do not use artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. This ensures that your dog is getting natural, wholesome ingredients that they will love, and not get anything that could be harmful to their health. They also have a high source of protein, with deboned chicken and chicken meal as the main source of protein. They also have rice in their foods, providing good carbohydrates to dogs, and a tasty flavor.

4.) California Natural

If your dog has any food allergies, this is the food you want for them. Lamb meat is listed as the only meat source, with additional protein provided by a mixture of brown and white rices. This simple list of ingredients ensures that there are no added ingredients that could be harmful to your sensitive dog, and making it simple to understand exactly what your dog is eating without any questions. This brand also does not include any chemical preservatives, making it a healthy and safe choice for your dog.

5.) Karma Organic

Although organic foods can be a bit more expensive than other foods found at the pet store, they may be worth the few extra bucks in the long run. Organic foods give all natural ingredients, making sure that your dog is not getting any weird or foreign foods or chemicals into their body. This food, like Newman’s, is 95% organic. Its main source of protein in organic, free-range chicken, with no poultry by-products. They also have protein from organic brown rice, and they use vitamins E and C as preservatives instead of harmful chemicals.