Living in Colorado, we take full advantage of summer here, especially when it comes down to grilling. Whether it's summer, spring, or fall we are constantly firing up the grill. Below, I've decided to count down my absolute favorite vegetables that are perfect to throw on the grill.

When you are grilling vegetables it's very key to monitor them and stay close to the grill. Of course, all vegetables require different times so be sure to constantly flip them on the grate to avoid burning and over-cooking.

Now I'll simply jump into seven of my favorite vegetables that are perfect for summer grilling:

1.) Corn (In The Husk)

You will often hear people tell you to remove the corn from the husk when grilling. I disagree! What I do, is soak the corn in the husk for roughly 20-30 minutes to keep the green covering from going up in smoke. After soaking, I place on a hot grill for roughly 15-20 minutes, turning each piece of corn every 5 minutes. From there I remove the husk and lather in salted butter. So good!

2.) Asparagus

Asparagus, when in season, is incredible on the grill. It's actually one of the vegetables I rarely cook, unless I'm grilling. For preparation, I'll trim the stalks down, lay out foil, and drizzle olive oil over each piece, while seasoning with salt, pepper, lemon, and garlic. Wrap all pieces in tin foil and simply grill for 10 minutes or until tender. Delicious!

3.) Zucchini

Zucchini is a vegetable that I prefer marinating before grilling. I tend to use a lemon, ginger soy marinade or a balsamic basil marinade; however both work really well. Slice, marinade, and grill until slightly charred and tender.

4.) Eggplant

As American's I feel as if we don't incorporate eggplant enough into our diets and dishes. When looking at common Indian dishes, or Thai dishes you almost always find an eggplant dish. This vegetable goes extremely well on the grill. I recommend slicing in 1 inch pieces, marinating, then grilling until tender. One key thing before cooking or marnating eggplant is to let the slices sit for a good 5-8 minutes to let them "sweat". This brings out flavor in the eggplant when cooking.

5.) Portobello Mushrooms

For all you vegetarians out there, this is a classic veggie style spin on a burger; however they are enjoyed to their fullest when grilled. I start by cutting the stems off, and brushing both sides with olive oil, balsamic, soy, garlic, salt, and pepper. Grill each side for 4-8 minutes (or until soft, and juicy when poking). Before serving, make sure to let the portobello mushrooms rest for 5 minutes.

6.) Bell Peppers And Onions

These veggies can be utilized either as sides, on kabobs, or toppings on your favorite sandwich or burger. By simply marinating or brushing in olive oil you can truly bring something special out of bell peppers and onions when grilling them.

7.) Romaine Lettuce

This is something you may see on a menu of a nice restaurant when ordering an appetizer. Truth is, it's very simply to do and brings out incredible flavors in the romaine. I'll usually take romaine hearts over the open flame and make a smoked ceasar dressing to drench on top. Be careful and watch the romaine closely as it's very easy to char/over cook.

There you have it. Those are my favorite veggies to grill. Feel free to share your comments, opinons, recipes, and any other vegetables that you think are great for grilling so I can add it to my collection. Being a vegetarian five days a week, I am always looking for new veggies to try on the grill!