Buffalo meat is an incredibly popular type of meat that allows people to reminisce about the way things were in the past, during the Gold Rush and even during the early colonization of our country. However, buffalo meat is not just about tradition and American pride. It actually has various health benefits, and it tastes incredibly good. But in order to enjoy all these and many other benefits, you need to know where to buy buffalo meat.

Places to Go for Buffalo Meat:

One of the best places to buy buffalo meat is online. However, if you were to start searching for a company that sells it, you will quickly find that there are many different choices out there. Not just that, many refer to it as 'bison' meat rather than buffalo. Technically, this is incorrect as the two animals, while being part of the same family, come from different parts of the world. Hence, if you are looking at where to buy buffalo meat, the first thing you should look for is a company that makes that distinction very clear.

Go Organic!

Secondly, you need to make sure that the product is fully organic. This is the only way that you will be able to enjoy the sweet, rich taste of the meat. Furthermore, organic meat is far more nutritionally dense and a lot leaner. Compared to beef, buffalo meat has 69% higher iron levels. Furthermore, it contains more vitamins and minerals, and the levels of beta-carotene are twice as high as in other red meats. Furthermore, it has the perfect omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, which is rare in a lean meat.

Demand Clarity:

Next, you should make sure there is real clarity as to where the meat comes from and how it was selected. The company should make it very obvious where the animals were butchered as well, so that you can look into the packaging process and ascertain that it has been done properly.

Why Should You Eat Buffalo Meat:

Now that you know where to buy buffalo meat, you may also want to know why you should buy it at all. Traditionally, this meat was an essential part of the diet of various Native American tribes. Unfortunately, it was hunted to extinction by the early European settlers. Today, the buffalo is once again thriving thanks to breeding and smart management efforts and their native grazing land is also being restored. When you buy this type of meat, you are contributing to a traditional economy and way of life, as well as to nature.

Health Benefits of Eating Buffalo:

If you have never had buffalo meat before, the first think that you will notice is how juicy and tender it is. It has a hint of sweetness in its very clean taste. Furthermore, it is low fat, low cholesterol and low calorie, particularly when compared to beef, while having higher protein contents. As previously stated, it also contains more vitamins, minerals, iron and fatty acids.


Because of these, the meat is a perfect substitute for beef. In fact, it can be a substitute for any other kind of meat, particularly if you are watching the calories, as it has even lower calories than turkey meat. This is particularly true in organic, grass fed animals.