In an ideal world, everything nutritious would be incredibly convenient and taste delicious. However, some people wonder if they can get the best of all these factors in foods that exist in the real world. The truth is, you don't have to get specialty foods delivered to your home just so that you can enjoy some enriching cuisine. Some of the foods that are the most versatile, tasty and nutritious, are also easy to find and prepare.

1.) Beans

Beans, from calypso to scarlet come in a variety of colors, tastes and textures, and are so packed with health giving nutrients that they are the only food on earth that are recognized within two different food groups: proteins and vegetables. Beans are naturally brimming with fiber, high in low-fat protein, and full of phytonutrients and nutrients that help you fight back against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Beans can be added to soups, sprinkled in salads, or blended with spices to make a dip.

2.) Mushrooms

Mushrooms aren't just there to add a little flavor to your stir-fry, they're also a great source of selenium, which helps to fight cancer, and are extremely low in calories. What's more, these plants are a great source of vitamin D, as well as potassium and copper, which contribute to a healthy heart rhythm, better red blood cell production and improved nerve function. Mushrooms cook incredibly quickly, and can accompany vegetarian, vegan or meaty meals just as easily.

3.) Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an ideal source of potassium, protein, and calcium, as well as a wonderful way to get your daily probiotics. The nutrients available in yogurt help to build stronger bones, improve your immune system and enhance digestion. Greek yogurt also has less watery whey than other types of yogurt, fewer carbs and twice the protein. Plain Greek yogurt can be used as a base for smoothies, dressings, dips and toppings. If you like a particularly sweet yogurt without too many calories, add a sprinkling of nuts and a spoonful of jam.

4.) Pistachios

Pistachios are delicious, and full of fats that are extremely good for you, as well as vitamins like B6, E, and nutrients like magnesium, potassium and fiber. These delicious snacks also offer great anti-oxidant properties that help to fight back against free radicals and reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. You can add pistachios to your salads and stir-fries, or simply eat them by the handful on their own.

5.) Popcorn

Popcorn can be a little addictive or totally addictive, which is one of the reasons why most people don't recognize it as an enriching snack. Popcorn is actually a whole grain that we may not get enough of in our regular diet, and the air-popped version only comes with 30 calories a cup. Popcorn contains antioxidants that can help to protect you against cancer, as well as a boost of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Add a little extra flavor to your popcorn by sprinkling on some chili powder, cinnamon, or even a touch of grated Parmesan.