Let’s face it; mornings can be difficult for everyone. But have you ever thought food would be the answer to make mornings a little less grueling? The common saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day reigns true. It may be hard to get up and prepare a meal in the morning when you still want to be catching a few extra z’s, but experts say that skipping breakfast can lead to overeating and poor meal decisions later in the day. Here are five excellent and easy food choices you can make to ensure a happy and healthy morning.

1.) Warm Lemon Water

It is a common instinct to go straight to the coffee maker or your favorite coffee shop in the mornings. However, waking up can be easier, healthier and cheaper with warm lemon water. Make sure your water is at least room temperature and have and squeeze a half lemon into the water. If the water is cold, it can shock your system, and take away the health benefits. Drinking lemon water in the morning will help flush out toxins, aid digestion, help with a nasty cold, and even help clear your skin.

2.) Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt can really aid you in your morning routine. It requires no prep time if you eat it plain, so you don’t have to set the alarm too much earlier than you already do. Greek yogurt contains protein and calcium that your body needs, and putting those vitamins into your body early in the day is energizing. Try adding cut up fruit for extra flavor and nutrition, and feel full throughout the morning.

3.) Strawberries

This fruit is seasonal, so during the times you can grab these sweet red berries, please do! One cup of strawberries contains the full-recommended intake of Vitamin C for the day. You can already check off one goal for the day before you even leave the house. Strawberries also contain a large amount of fiber, aiding in digestion. Try pairing with the Greek yogurt mentioned above for a satisfying meal that will keep you full longer.

4.) Whole Wheat Bread

Bread is an easy, quick go to breakfast essential. Some breads, like white bread contain processed material that is no good for your body, so next time you’re at the store, grab the whole wheat. Whole wheat bread contain good carbohydrates to wake your body up, as well as fiber and nutrients that will make your body happy. Try putting an egg on top for added protein, but stay away from common toast toppers like butter and jelly, because they contain empty calories.

5.) Eggs

Eggs can take some time to whip up, but the extra time you take in the morning will benefit you later in the day. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients that your body wants. Experts also say that having a breakfast high in protein can ward off that nasty habit of snacking during the day. Eggs can also be prepared many different ways; scrambled, over easy, poached or hard-boiled. You can have a different type of egg every morning, and start the day off right.