With so many large bulk buying retail operations turning up across the country, it's no surprise that they have become popular for the local consumer. In the past the purchase of bulk goods was done by shops and businesses, but now it's just as simple for a family of four to walk into a Costco or other bulk retailer and buy a pallet of paper towel. There are many benefits to this kind of shopping, and while it isn't for everyone, it certainly seems to be a favorite method of shopping for many.

1.) More For Less

The number one reason that people choose to buy in bulk is that you get way more for way less. The prices may seem high at first glance, but when you calculate the weight, mass, and number of items you're getting for these prices you won't be skeptical about buying. Stores like these make money by giving their consumers a major discount for those who purchase in large quantities. This way they can still make a substantial profit while allowing their customers to spend less, and everybody goes home happy.

2.) Membership Benefits

Most bulk retailers provide loyalty programs which means that you're earning while you shop. Whether they choose to do this with a point system or a cash back percentage annually, there are ways to make it worth your while to do your shopping in these locations.

3.) Better Quality Items

A lot of bulk retailers get major deals on goods that you can't find anywhere else. This means French truffles, Italian olive oil, and German chocolate that you aren't going to find in any other local shopping outlets. It also means getting name brand merchandise like Nike sneakers, Adidas track pants, and Calvin Klein jeans at a fraction of the cost.

4.) Less Shopping Later

This is a more obvious one, but a major benefit of a bulk shopping experience is that you won't be shopping again for a while, and this is pretty exciting if you don't particularly enjoy the hustle and bustle that comes with shopping. The holiday season is an excellent time to hit bulk stores and get all of your purchases out of the way before the rush hits the malls and it becomes nearly impossible to get around.

5.) Variety

So many bulk retailers are loaded with a selection of just about everything you could possibly need to pick up in one shopping trip. From your weekly groceries to school clothes for the kids, these stores make it easy to do one stop shopping with no need for any other shops on the way home. Putting tires on the car, filling up the propane tank, getting your eyes checked and glasses fitted, and getting holiday wraps and gifts are all possible in these locations.

6.) Customer Service

These bulk retailers are loaded with customer service, sample stations, and cashiers who know how to do their jobs well. The lines might get long, but they move by quickly, which is more than can be said for many grocery chains and other retailers who leave you waiting with a full cart for what feels like forever. Many of these bulk stores also offer great return and exchange policies and are happy to help at every turn.