1.) Cook lobster alive if possible.

I recommend buying lobsters that generally weight 1.5 pounds or less. Large lobsters are usually tougher and not as sweet and flavorful. Buying lobsters live is key for better results; however, if you are forced to buy frozen, make sure you defrost them throughly before cooking them.

2.) Do not boil lobster.

I've made this mistake many times and always recommend either baking lobster or grilling lobster. My favorite is grilling lobster. When grilling lobsters over indirect heat, they tend to produce much more flavorful, juicy and tender results. Once you take them off of the grill, be sure to let them rest; as there will be some carryover cooking from the time you take them off until they are done resting.

3.) Do not serve lobster by itself.

Don't let the size of the lobster trick your eyes. A 1.5 pound lobster will only put out between four to six ounces of meat. Therefore, I always recommend pairing your lobster with sides such as, corn on the cob, a nice fresh salad, seasoned potatoes, or possibly some sausage. Also, you absolutely cannot forget the butter.

4.) Season lobster and mix it up.

Now I know what you may be thinking, why not just savor the lobster meat by itself or with a little bit of salted butter. The truth is, I like to mix it up and season my lobster with Old Bay Seasoning occasionally, as well as add a little bit of lemon to my salted butter. This combination yields a magical taste for the lobster meat and always turns out phenominal in my book.

Whenever cooking lobster I try to keep these four things in mind. Granted, you can cook it anyway you like; however, I've had the best experience when following these top four ways to cook lobster. Please share any other ways you cook your lobster at home so I can add it to my recipe collection.