Holiday mornings are special because you don't have to rise early, start your day in a rush to get to work on time, or eat a hurried breakfast that you won't even remember. But to get the most out of your time off from work, you need to start your day off right; no matter what time you get up. Creating a holiday breakfast can be a fun experience that the whole family can enjoy together. Here are 3 ideas for holiday breakfast recipes that you'll all have fun starting your day with.

1.) Blueberry Coffee Cake Breakfast

Forget the traditional toast for your breakfast morning. Instead, create a flavorful blueberry coffee cake to start your breakfast brunch. If you want to minimize your calorie intake from your holiday dinners, then add a little non-fat yogurt to your menu and make your cake with whole wheat flour. You'll not only get a delicious breakfast but also all the fibers, nutrients, and minerals for you to maintain a healthy diet while you're busy with your holiday activities.

2.) Baked Apples With Oatmeal

Everyone loves to have apples and raisins with their oatmeal, which makes this one of the most popular holiday breakfast recipes, and now you can change it a little. You can have oatmeal with your apples instead. This is a great healthy breakfast idea for those whom you really care about and a simple way to serve breakfast in bed for that someone special. Mix up brown sugar and butter and coat the apples with it before you put them in the oven. After they are done, fill them with piping hot oatmeal mixed with raisins and a dollop of sour cream or yogurt and you have a delicious but healthy way to get your holiday morning off to a good start.

3.) Caramelized Onion, Spinach and Gruyere Strata

This is the perfect breakfast custard that will bring together a host of flavors into one perfect combination of tastes and textures that will spark up any morning. Use freshly baked French bread, lots of eggs, Gruyere cheese, spinach, onions, milk and cream and you've got the makings of a great morning dish. Bake the whole thing in the oven until the mixture has firmed completely. Saute a few grapes or cherry tomatoes until they are coated thoroughly and top it all off with a few chopped chives and you're ready to eat.

These 3 simple ideas for holiday breakfast recipes should be enough to get you started on your holiday celebrations. Why wait until the evening hours to enjoy what you've waited all year for? They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how much more important can it be when you and your family can join in the preparations together? Soon, you'll be heading back to work and you won't have these special moments for a while. Breakfast is one way you can make the most of the time you have together. So, go ahead, sleep in, forget setting the alarm but when you wake up in the morning, indulge in a nice slow breakfast morning so that you can start a full day of making the most of your holiday activities.