When holiday time comes around people start to think about different ways to impress their family and friends. While there may be many ways to do this, food is the favored approach and while you may not be able to put out a full table spread for your guests, you'd be surprised what a few well-chosen appetizers can do. To get you started on your hunt for holiday appetizer recipes, here are 7 ideas.

1. Meatballs

Creating a platter of flavorful bite-size deep fried meatballs topped off with a slice of pickled cucumber can make for a great way to start off the evening. You can create your own dipping sauce or use a store bought brand that will satisfy the tastes of everyone around your table.

2. Croquettes

Take your standard ham & cheese sandwich and do something new and creative with it. By coating the sandwich in a batter made with eggs and crackers and dropping it in the deep fryer you'll create an appetizer with a crispy/gooey combination but delicious to the last bite.

3. Toasted Ravioli

Everyone loves pasta. They stuff them with all sorts of delicious delights: cheeses, meats, and any other delightful treat you can think of. The next time you make ravioli, add a little twist and drop them in a deep fryer and serve them with a little dipping sauce on the side. Your guests will love it.

4. Roasted Grapes With Walnuts

Of all of the holiday appetizer recipes, this is probably the most unique. Everyone loves grapes no matter who they are. Put a bunch on your table and watch them disappear. Here's a new way to serve them that your guests may never have tried before. By coating grapes and walnuts with butter and sugar and roasting them, it will bring out their natural sweetness and the walnuts will give them something to crunch on.

5. Sweet and Spicy Pecans

Pecans can be a delightful treat for your guests to enjoy. Simply dip the nuts in egg whites mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and a few of your spiciest spices and bake them until you've created a new addiction for your guests.

6. Barbecue Shrimp Dip

Get away from your favorite dips by creating this new dish from New Orleans. Add crunchy bacon, and shrimp pieces to a sour cream base and you've got an amazing combination of creamy texture with a little twang of flavor that can leave a lasting impression on anyone.

7. Sausage Balls

With just a little creativity you can turn your regular sausage into a crowd pleaser. Make a batter with your favorite soup or dip mix from your local grocery store and drop a few balls of pork sausage in it to make a simple recipe that tastes great. Bake it for 15 minutes and watch as your guests devour them all.

The holiday times are great for being creative. While these ideas for holiday appetizer recipes serve as simple suggestions to whet the appetite of all your guests for an evening of fun and frivolity, it is clear that you'll probably have even more ideas of your own. It can be exciting to plan a holiday party that your guests will remember for years to come so take the time to go beyond the basics and make something that everyone will love you all the more for.