Halloween candy can be enticing. Ten pounds might seem like quite a chunk of weight to pack on during the Halloween season, and yet it happens all the time. It is common to find people putting their diet practices on hold for a chance to indulge in more snacks than usual. Most people do so a little more during Halloween and are left feeling bad about it long after the season has passed.

These treats that bring such guilt are packed with unsaturated fats and sugars. However, there are Halloween treats that won't make you feel guilty, and are healthy, sweet and enjoyable.

1.) Banana Coconut Ghosts

Banana Coconut Ghosts are preferable to ice cream. This treat has the characteristics of a healthy cream without compromising on taste. Banana coconut ghosts are coated in coconut for a potassium rich snack. It can be served to grownups as well as kids.

2.) Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Dark chocolate is preferable to any milk snack. It has antioxidants that provide a boost to the immune system. Chocolate pudding parfaits are a particularly good Halloween treat that effectively keep you from your children’s candy.

3.) Crispy Kale Chips

Crispy kale chips will eliminate guilt from your indulgence by satisfying your craving for chips while keeping the diet healthy. These crispy kale chips are salted and baked. They don’t have the grease and unsaturated fats that fried potato chips have. Vinegar and salted sweet potato chips are another great alternative to fried potato chips. You can make these grease-free sweet potato chips in the microwave.

4.) Carrot Pumpkin Muffins

Carrot muffins with a pumpkin flavor allow you to indulge in the Halloween festivities through the food you serve. The muffins are a healthy delicacy made using low-calorie ingredients.

5.) Granola Bars

Homemade healthy granola bars are much better than those you buy with ingredients that have been highly processed. It is important to resist the temptation of buying granola from the local store and instead make a healthy homemade treat. The necessary ingredients to make this healthy treat are probably already available in your home. Make the bars packed with nutrients and avoid granola bars from convenience stores loaded with oil and fructose corn syrup.

6.) Cheesy Pumpkins

Cheesy Pumpkins allow you to use all those Halloween ideas on your pumpkins while keeping up with your healthy diet program. Cheesy pumpkins make for a great creamy snack.

7.) Carrot Eyes

Carrot eyes have all the elements of the Halloween festivities and take only a few minutes to get ready. You will take advantage of the nutritional value of carrots, as well as make sure everyone in the family feels they can fully enjoy the festivities without compromising their healthy eating tradition.

8.) Frozen Berries In Greek Yogurt

Another great snack is dipping berries in Greek yogurt and then freezing them. This combination of Greek yogurt nutrients and nutrients from the berries serves for a healthy snack that is extremely easy to prepare.

9.) Apple Crisps

Apple crisps can be thinly sliced and cinnamon sugar sparingly spread on the slices. The crisps are then baked making a sweet and healthy treat. The fiber in apple will prevent you from further candy indulgence.

Eating healthy does not have to be taxing. It is indeed possible to enjoy the season without going back on your promise to yourself to eat healthy. Spice up your Halloween celebrations with these healthy alternatives.