If you're new to the wonderful world of goulash, then it may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of different alternatives to try. The best easy goulash recipe options can range from hearty American meals to Hungarian solutions, with a wide variety of variations in between. Fortunately, since there are so many great recipes out there to pick from, the only problem you'll have is deciding which one you should start cooking this week!

The following easy goulash recipe solutions are great for any budget, effortless to prepare and packed with plenty of flavor to satisfy any gang. Choose from creamy and traditional recipes to quick and easy options perfect for a rushed night after work or a set of hungry mouths after school.

1. All American Skillet Goulash

This all American goulash is an exciting twist on the "traditional" goulash experience. To make it, you'll need half a bound of macaroni, one and a half pounds of ground beef, a green bell pepper, small onion, spaghetti sauce, one teaspoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black powder and plenty of shredded cheddar.

2. Baked Goulash

Looking for something that you can simply throw in the oven? This updated version of an older and more traditional Hungarian goulash recipe takes very little effort to prepare. You'll need half a pound of sliced mushrooms, a small onion, 2 pounds of ground beef, salt and pepper, eight ounces of macaroni, a jar of spaghetti sauce, chopped garlic, and mozzarella cheese.

3. Hungarian Goulash

You may not know this, but the name "goulash" actually originates from a Hungarian word – gulyas – which translates to mean "herdsman". This traditional recipe is a quick and easy option hat's sure to stand the test of time. To make it, you'll need 2 pounds of beef that have been cut into 1-inch pieces, a small onion, three cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of flour, paprika, salt, and pepper, dried thyme, a full can of diced tomatoes, 3 carrots, 1 bay leaf, and a container of sour cream. You should also have some warm rice or buttered noodles to go alongside the dish.

4. Classic Goulash

The best classic dishes will never go out of style. This easy and truly delicious Hungarian recipe is sure to be a family favorite in no time. To make it, you'll need a pound and a half of ground beef, a green bell pepper, a small onion, 8 ounces of macaroni, 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, half a pound of fresh mushrooms, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and shredded mozzarella.

5. Quick Goulash

Finally, for an easy goulash recipe that's perfect for when you're rushing to beat the clock, this meal is a great option. You'll be first to the dinner table to sample the fruits of your labor. To make it, you'll need two pounds of ground beef, three cups of beef broth, 8 ounces of macaroni, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, a cup of sour cream, and a chopped onion.