Rachael Ray is what is known as a 'celebrity chef'. There are quite a few celebrity chefs out there right now, gracing our screens with their delicious meals, which most of us attempt, with varying degrees of success, to recreate. Rachael Ray does, however, stand out from the ever increasing bunch of celebrity chefs.

Who Is Rachael Ray?

She currently hosts two shows, the 'Rachael Ray' and the '30 Minute Meals'. Through these two shows, she gained true celebrity status and is now one of the best known chefs out there. She has also won the Emmy Outstanding Talk Show award, as well as the Emmy Daytime Outstanding Service award. She is also an entrepreneur, thinking about various ways to spread her message across the world. As a result, she has appeared on and hosted a number of cook shows and talk shows. She also founded 'Yum O!', her very own nonprofit organization. On top of that, she edits 'Every Day with Rachael Ray', her own magazine.

Rachael Ray Show Recipes:

One of the reasons why Rachael is so popular, other than the fact that she is an excellent entrepreneur and marketer and, therefore, true business woman, is because the Rachael Ray show recipes are very quick, reasonably easy, and a lot of fun to make. Plus, she focuses specifically on meals that are both nutritious and healthy.

Interestingly, Rachael is not a master chef. This means that she has not been formally trained. Rather, while working at a food store, she started to think about various recipes for quick meals. Through her job, she found that most people don't enjoy spending hours in the kitchen. After a while, she started to run her own cookery classes, teaching people to create delicious meals in half an hour or less. These recipes quickly became famous, and she was offered a job at WRGB – TV. After this, she appeared at NBC and was spotted by the Food Network's president, who offered her the '30 Minute Meals' show.

Rachael is successful because she sets herself apart from other celebrity chefs who make highly complex meals that take hours to prepare and cook. Instead, Rachel Ray show recipes are quick and easy, including ingredients that are easy to get hold of in all regular grocery stores. She ensures her meals are healthy by using fresh herbs. But that is not to say she makes boring, bland food. Rather, they are out of the box and unconventional and all have really unique names. Rachael herself is really energetic and clearly passionate about what she does, walking her audience through the 30 minutes or less that it would take to prepare the meal. She also doesn't believe that meals should be made through exact measurements, using approximations instead. Essentially, her goal is to make sure that people can eat healthy, good food regardless of their lack of time and money.

A final thing to say about Rachael is that she is an interesting personality. She has a contagious smile and generally wonderful disposition. Added to that her quick wit and passion, and it is no surprise that Rachael Ray show recipes are very popular.