Usually adding sweeteners to smoothies isn't necessary if your using fruit, but if you feel it's necessary, there's more than one way to sweeten your smoothie every morning. Below you'll find our top 6 alternatives to sugar for smoothies that will definitely surprise your taste buds.

1.) Dates

When dates are blended with smoothies, these wholesome fruits add a hint of texture and a wholesome, sweet flavor.

2.) Agave Nectar

Derived from the agave plant, this popular sweetener has a fluid texture, a balanced flavor, and a low glycemic index.

3.) Coconut Nectar

Gleaned from coconut blossoms, this viscous nectar is enzymatically alive, has a low glycemic index, and is high in magnesium.

4.) Honey

Raw, unpasteruized honey is far superior to processed honey. Raw honey is flavorful, naturally assimilable, and unique.

5.) Maple Syrup

Often pigeonholed as merely a breakfast topping, this anti-oxidant rich syrup is capable of far more. Its distinct flavor is highly satisfying.

6.) Stevia

Derived from the leafy green follage of the stevia plant, this zero calorie sweetener has anti-bacterial properties.