Fall is the best time for someone to sit down and enjoy a bowl of warm soup. Comfort food at its best, there truly is nothing in the world like a cold chill in the air, and a nice, steaming bowl of soup ready for someone to enjoy. Let's take a look at some of the best soups out there with some ideas for 7 wonderful soups that are perfect for fall.

There are many different options for people to choose from when it comes to selecting a soup that is just right for fall. People may want a vegetarian soup that requires no meat at all, or some may want a nice, meaty soup that fills the belly.

1.) Tomato Soup

When people are considering vegetarian soups, a solid option to go with is tomato soup. Coupled with a crispy grilled cheese sandwich, there is no better flashback to childhood than a steamy, hot bowl of tomato soup and the melted goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich.

2.) Vegetable Soup

Some are taken back to their childhood with a good old-fashioned bowl of vegetable soup. What’s nice about this soup choice is that any type of vegetable can be added. Many choose a vegetable soup as one of their choices for any kind of setting because a vegetable soup is warm, filling and nutritionally delicious.

3.) Baked Potato Soup

Next on a list of what could be considered a wonderful fall soup would be a baked potato soup. Sometimes served in a bread bowl, a baked potato soup can be topped with crispy, crumbled bacon cheddar cheese and sour cream. This is a great way to warm the belly and the soul.

4.) Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup could very well be at the top of a list of the best soups for fall. And it’s so easy to make because people can take a rotisserie chicken found in their local grocery store, pull the chicken apart, and add to their pan of stock, noodles and vegetables. And everyone knows the nutritional value of a hot bowl of chicken soup, as many will eat chicken soup when they are not feeling well.

5.) Lasagna Soup

If people want the convenience of lasagna without making lasagna, they can go with lasagna soup. Using cut up lasagna noodles, tomato-based broth and some ricotta cheese, the flavor of lasagna is delivered to all to enjoy in a nice bowl of soup.

6.) Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is also a great alternative for someone looking to make a great soup that tastes like a dinner favorite, but without all the work. Using a creamy base, the soup is more like a gravy that is combined with cut-up potatoes and diced up vegetables. There’s nothing better than chicken pot pie, because there's no need to roll the pie crust.

7.) Chili

Lastly, one of the most popular choices for wonderful soups for the fall is chili. It can be made with meat or without meat, and people use a different variety of meats such as hamburger meat, turkey meat or sausage. Add beans, don’t add beans, the possibilities are endless when it comes to chili.