While we all know that eating our veggies is good for us, many of us struggle with ways to make them interesting enough to entice people to eat them. Steamed vegetables can be a healthy choice on the dinner table but can be a real bore when it comes to flavor. So, we're left with another way to brighten up our veggies and set off in search of new ideas on how to jazz up our meals with something beyond the boring steam beans.

Below are 5 Easy Green Bean Recipes to excite the pallet:

1.) Wake Them Up With a Vinaigrette

  • You can steam your vegetables, but don't steam them too long. Y
  • ou want them to have that crispy texture to them.
  • Once they're done, create a warm vinaigrette with crispy bacon pieces, shallots, vinegar, mustard, oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Toss them in the vinaigrette to give your beans a life of their own.

2.) Beans and Nuts

  • You can toast a few pine nuts and then mix them with your crispy green beans to add another layer of texture to the dish.
  • You'll get the crispiness of the steamed beans and the crunchiness of the pine nuts that can certainly wake up even the most boring of flavors.
  • Throw in a couple of cloves of fresh garlic and you'll have an explosion of new experiences with each bite.

3.) Flavored Butter Beans

Some people prefer to top their beans with a little melted butter but try easy green bean recipes with a little extra twist by adding a little flavor to the butter.

  • You can make a nice brown butter sauce by mixing in a little lemon juice, salt, and roasted almonds (or your favorite nuts).
  • Toss the beans in the butter and throw in a few cranberries to introduce another texture and you'll have a green bean dish to die for.

4.) Honey Mustard Glazed Beans

Who doesn't like the sweet and tart combination of honey mustard?

  • And if you make the sauce from mustard seeds and add a little rice vinegar your beans will have your tongue confused from the very first bite.
  • You'll have a little sweet, tart, and tangy flavor and if you serve it over rice, you'll be getting a world of textures to go with it.

5.) Green Beans With Goat Cheese

Sometimes the most unusual combinations can create some of the most exciting of flavors.

  • Try a green bean salad and toss in a little goat cheese, fennel, and a few cranberries or raisins and you'll have a dish that can taste great either warm or cold.
  • In fact, this dish can be one of those make ahead dishes that you can take anywhere you want and serve it up however you want it.

There's no reason for your green beans to continue to be limited to the boring flavors of tradition. Think of adding new layers of flavors and textures to create your own easy green bean recipes and you won't ever find reason to be bored with your vegetables again.