Easy Asparagus Recipe Ideas

By Alley Benton
Updated August 11, 2016
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Easy Asparagus Recipe IdeasIt takes a bit of skill to prepare a great meal and most often than not, it is not as difficult as it may seem. However, there are some foods that require a delicate touch to ensure that you get the best flavors and textures in your meal. Asparagus is one of them. When prepared well, it can be quite a treat to have some tasty asparagus on your plate, but there is a huge difference between perfectly cooked asparagus and one that is overcooked so you'll have to be very attentive when preparing them. If you're not entirely confident about the best way to prepare this tasty vegetable here are a few things you should know when using easy asparagus recipes. Here are a few basic pointers to help you get started.

Start With The Best Asparagus:

When shopping for your asparagus spears, it's important that you know how to pick and choose good spears. Look for those that have a bright green coloring with strong healthy tips that are firm to the touch. Avoid buying any with a mushy feel on your fingers.

Asparagus spears come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are thin and delicate while others may be fat and meaty. The size of the spears you buy is really a matter of personal choice. You can get just as much flavor from a skinny spear as you can from a fat one. What you do need to be careful of, however, is the fact that all the spears you plan to cook together should be uniform in size. For the best results, easy asparagus recipes cooked together should all be pretty much the same size.

Don't Wait - Cook The Same Day You Purchase It!

While asparagus can keep in the fridge for a while, the best asparagus is cooked on the same day you purchase it. This way, you capture that fresh flavor that will burst in your mouth with every bite. If you can't cook them the same day, you want to preserve the freshness before cooking. To do this, you need to wrap the bases of the asparagus in a damp towel and keep in a plastic container. This will help to keep much of its freshness for as long as four days before it will start to go bad.

Preparation For Asparagus:

Fixing asparagus doesn't have to be complicated. Rinse them off with cold water to get rid of the sandy soil that may have collected while growing. Snap off about an inch from the base at the point where the spear begins to feel woody. Scrape off the scales and place them in a colander and place over a pan of boiling water and cover. You won't need any fancy ingredients and you can cook them completely in only three to five minutes.

Other easy asparagus recipes can be found for stovetop cooking, grilling, roasting, and even microwaving. Asparagus is a very delicate vegetable and the less fuss you make with it the better it will taste. But once you get the hang of it, chances are that you'll probably want to try it in as many ways as possible.

Easy Asparagus Recipe Ideas:

  1. Sauteed Garlic Asparagus
  2. Lemon Roasted Asparagus
  3. Garlic Butter Sauteed Asparagus
  4. Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus
  5. Baked Asparagus With Ricotta Cheese
  6. Grilled Italian Asparagus With Breadcrumbs
  7. Cherry Tomato And Asparagus Salad

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