ADHD Treatment Options:

While both adults and children can struggle with ADHD, there are treatments which allow sufferers to function much better in their everyday lives. Those who deal with this disease may find that they have trouble getting things done efficiently while they are at work or school because they can't focus well. For students, this could lead to getting bad grades and even some trouble at school. Children with this disease may be very hyper and have a hard time keeping control of themselves. ADHD treatments can improve a child's grades or help an adult to do better at his or her job. ADHD treatment options work in several different ways, and those who try them can start to get things done more quickly and efficiently.


The most commonly prescribed ADHD treatments are stimulants, which work to balance the ways that neurotransmitters work in the brain. Studies have shown that this can drastically improve how well a person can stay attentive and avoid hyperactivity. There are many different types of these medications, some which work for short periods of time and others that are longer acting. One is even a patch that is made to be worn on the hip, and it can help to control these unwanted symptoms for longer periods of time. When this is being given to a child, it may take several visits to the doctor to determine what dose works the best to improve their condition.


Another type of treatment is an antidepressant. These can improve the symptoms and are a good option for those who can't take a stimulant. Some can't take stimulants because they have a heart condition which would make it too dangerous to use this type of medication. Asking about heart disease is important before starting to take an ADHD medication. Those who have to take an antidepressant should know that it won't start to work immediately. For the full effects to take place it may take several weeks, while stimulants may start working sooner. There are some risks associated with antidepressants as well, one of the worst being suicide.


While medications are commonly prescribed for ADHD, therapy is an option as well. Behavioral therapy will help a child to learn how to better control their impulses and manage their hyperactivity. This may also teach a child what they need to know about social behaviors, which can improve how well they behave while they are at school. Other types of therapy allow children to talk about what is upsetting them and discuss better ways to deal with these issues. There is therapy for parents as well, so that they can better recognize the signs and symptoms while learning the best techniques to help their child.

There are many great options for people to consider when they are dealing with ADHD, but in many cases using just one alone isn't enough. Getting together with a team with mental health professionals, and teachers and parents is the best way to help a child to start to do better in school and treat their condition. Each of these treatments needs to be evaluated on an individual basis, and may require adjustment as time goes on.