Sometimes, when it comes to following the rules of the law, it's not enough to simply tell the truth – you also have to swear to what you have said in a binding contract known as an affidavit. An affidavit is used in circumstances wherein you need to swear that any statements you have made are fact, and you will be required to sign affidavit forms in front of a notary public in order for them to be finalized. If you have been asked for an affidavit, chances are that you are required to make a declaration of fact as part of a contract or legal process.

The Basics of Affidavit Forms:

Although they may be associated mostly with courtroom dramas, it's important to remember that legal promises aren't only made in court rooms. An affidavit can be signed anywhere there has been a notary public, and you may find that you are asked to sign one when dealing with a particularly complicated contract. On the other hand, you may need to create your own general affidavit forms when you are asking someone to make a statement or declaration under oath. Fortunately, if you need to create a free general affidavit form, there are plenty of resources available online wherein you can access templates that can be adjusted to your specific needs and circumstances. All you need to do is take the template as it has been given and change certain parts to refer to the information that you need to be sworn to.

Fortunately, creating free affidavit forms generally doesn't take very long, and having them officially completed can also be quite simple, as you should be able to approach any notary public of your choice.

Most Common Types of Affidavits:

There are many different reasons and circumstances wherein an affidavit may be used. However, regardless of the situation that prompts the call for an affidavit, it's important to remember that each document will share the same common trait: those who are signing the documentation will be making a declaration under legal oath that what they are claiming is true.

For example, if you were to create an affidavit of financial support to give to someone, you may use this documentation in a situation wherein you are sponsoring the arrival of an immigrant into the United States. This form will simply state that the signer can be financially responsible for the immigrant coming to the United States, and the addresses and names of both parties will be included for further consideration.

On the other hand, an affidavit of residence is a legal document that allows individuals to state their place of residence under the law. Often, this sort of documentation is used right after you have moved into a new property, but have not yet submitted the required paperwork to any government agencies or the DMV. You may need to create this affidavit when sending your child to a new school or getting a parking permit in a particularly busy part of town.