5 Natural Treatments For Aspergers Syndrome

By Alley Benton
Updated April 18, 2017
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5 Natural Treatments For Aspergers SyndromeAsperger's syndrome is a neurological condition that results in development of strange behaviors and problems with social interaction. Because of its late diagnosis and confusing symptoms, this condition often remains undiagnosed, untreated, and can sometimes pass through into adulthood. On the other hand, if it's found early, there are many ways to deal with this problem, and some of them reach beyond the standard synthetic drugs available over the counter. Here, we're going to look at 5 natural treatments for Asperger syndrome that could help individuals with this illness to live a more normal lifestyle.

1. St. John's Wart

The first on our list of 5 natural treatments for Asperger syndrome is St. John's wart, which is an effective remedy for depression, when taken in the right dosage. It's been used since ancient times to improve emotional and mental health, and has been shown to reduce irritability in people with Asperger's syndrome. It can also help to prevent nervous exhaustion. St. John's wart improves emotional balance in children with the said condition and helps to promote feelings of well-being.

2. Lemon Balm

Known to some as Melissa officinialis, this herb has been used across Europe for a number of years to treat anxiety and insomnia. It has been found to be incredibly beneficial for the whole nervous system because it is soothing and calming for those who take it. Lemon balm can also improve mental acuity and increase concentration. In adults who have the syndrome it can also stop feelings of frustration, or being on edge.

3. Chamomile

Although it's used most commonly in perfumes, the chamomile tea has also been found to be useful for the treatment of the said condition over the years. It's incredibly beneficial for people with this condition who complain of unhealthy sleep patterns, and it minimizes erratic behavior while calming the mind of the patient. It's unquestionable that chamomile is a great relaxant, and it can be taken in a range of forms such as tablets or teas.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

This is another great option in our list of 5 natural treatments for Asperger syndrome. This particular herb helps in maintaining a healthy supply of blood to the brain and promotes good brain health. It helps the brain to utilize the oxygen available to it by improving neurotransmitter levels, and it also improves cognition, focus, memory, knowledge retention, and perception. Additionally, this particular herb has been found to be helpful in stopping mental impairment which can occur as a result of being exposed to too many harmful toxins over a period of time.

5. Gotu Kola

Finally, the herb Gotu kola is known across the world for being particularly effective in reducing some of the symptoms associated with Asperger's syndrome, such as restlessness, anxiety, and stress. It helps to calm the nerves and can act as a tonic for the brain. Not only is it ideal for improving memory in all kinds of different people, but it can also make it easier for children to concentrate too, which is particularly useful for those who suffer from the said condition and other types of autism.

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