What Does It Mean To Have a Binge Eating Disorder?

By Alley Benton
Updated April 14, 2017
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What Does It Mean To Have a Binge Eating Disorder?We can all eat too much from time to time, but if you find that you're constantly overeating or struggling to control such an eating habit, then you might be suffering from a disorder that's known as binge eating. Some people who have this kind of problem eat to the point of being in pain or being uncomfortable, and then they face issues of depression, shame, or guilt afterwards. The first step in overcoming this condition is understanding what does it mean to have a binge eating disorder. The more you understand about this condition, the more chances you have of learning to break the cycle of binge eating and changing your unhealthy relationship with food.

Defining Binge Eating Disorders:

When it comes to answering the question "what does it mean to have a binge eating disorder?" the first step is recognizing what this disorder actually is. Simply put, this is a common disorder which prompts people to frequently consume huge amounts of food. Usually, these people simply don't feel as though they have the power to stop themselves from eating too much. It is often the case that these problems begin sometime in early adulthood or late adolescence, and they can occur straight after a major diet.

During a binging episode, you might continue to eat even when you aren't hungry, and you may barely register or taste what you are eating. Unlike in cases of bulimia, people with binge eating disorders don't feel the need to over-exercise, fast, or vomit to make up for their excessive eating.

Some people turn to binge eating as a source of comfort. Many people find that eating can help to ease unpleasant feelings or emotions, such as anxiety and depression. Usually, this disorder leads to weight gain and may also prompt obesity, which further reinforces compulsive behaviors regarding food. The problem is that this becomes a vicious cycle because the more you're unhappy with your appearance, the more you may use food as a way to manage your feelings.

What Does It Mean to Have a Binge Eating Disorder?

Having a binge eating disorder, or struggling with circumstances that make it difficult to control your own desire to eat isn't something that should be taken lightly. A lot of people continue to look at this kind of disorder as simply a sign that someone likes food too much, but it's important to remember that these people have no control over their actions. Sometimes, it can form part of a vicious cycle that includes eating to feel better, then feeling worse, then returning to food to seek relief.

Binge eating can lead to a wide range of emotional, physical, and social problems, and you will be more likely to suffer from stress, health issues, suicidal thoughts and insomnia than others. You may also experience cases of depression and anxiety, and some people will also turn to substance abuse.

As dangerous as this disorder can be, it's worth remembering that you can recover from it and reverse many of its unhealthy effects. The first step is simply to consider your relationship with food.

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