All You Need To Know About Using Birth Control Pills

By Ernesto Smith
Updated October 4, 2016
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All You Need To Know About Using Birth Control PillsFrom the time they reach a certain age, boys and girls are taught about the things that make them different from each other. Parents may end up touching on the birds and the bees and eventually the more mature kids would be introduced to some form of birth control. For decades, birth control pills were the number one form of controlling unwanted pregnancy and although there are other forms of contraception used, the pills are still widely preferred. There are several reasons why the pills are still the chosen one, here are just a few of them.

Checking The Cycle:

Any woman that has ever started a regimen of oral contraception will agree that these pills have a way of regulating their monthly cycle. The fact of the matter is that some women actually stay on the pill, even though they don't have an active sex life, just so they can have a more predictable cycle. It is true that the purpose of oral contraception may not initially have been to keep things orderly, but you have to admit, it is a great benefit.

Avoiding A Cyst:

Considering the fact that oral contraception is designed to prevent ovulation, it has also been suggested that these little pills can provide much needed protection against the patient being diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Women who have used birth control pills for most of their adult lives, may not even realize that they are providing their body with this protection. Since the pill prevents the woman from ovulating, the cysts have little or no chance of developing in an area that could drive her to have surgery.

Greater Success:

There may be a higher risk of carrying your baby to term in some women, in fact many women go through unexplained miscarriages. While there is no specific reason for these occurrences, some studies continue to show that when a mother plans her pregnancy, especially between one child to another, the end result is usually a healthier baby. Planning your pregnancy can also give the mother enough time to kick that smoking habit, before trying to become pregnant.

Planning It Right:

But what about the plans that determine when to start a family, will oral contraceptives be able to help. The answer is yes, if only for the fact that an unplanned pregnancy can change your future and everyone associated with the child. A young woman who is planning to move forward in her career, may find that all of her plans must change if she accidentally becomes pregnant. Rather than be forced to think about other options, the use of oral contraceptives will allow the woman to have the best of both worlds.

Coming of Age:

It may be a sore point with some parents when it comes to introducing their child to birth control pills; however, considering the fact that the likelihood of them becoming sexually active at an early age is a strong possibility, why leave them vulnerable? We may not be able to control the sexual activities of our children, but we can point them in the right direction to help them avoid an unplanned pregnancy, especially one that they are not ready for.

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