Why Birth Control Is Important For Planning Ahead

By Olivia Mason
Updated October 4, 2016
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Why Birth Control Is Important For Planning AheadFor couples that don’t wish to start a family right away, they will be looking into birth control that they can use for their type of situation. There are many different types of birth control devices that a couple may use so they need to look into the right one for them. When they are sure they don’t want to have children right away, they should consult with a family doctor that can suggest different means of methods to prevent pregnancy for them.

Birth Control Pills:

The woman may wish to use pills. Birth control pills are taken on a daily basis and prevent pregnancy from happening. Many women find this to be the easiest type of method to prevent pregnancy and it is the most popular form besides using a condom. They need to make sure that they take it every day, and the doctor will give them a special pill case so that it will be easier for them to remember to take it. The pill case is small enough to carry with them in their purse or in their suitcase so they will have it when they need it.


Using a condom is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and pregnancy so it is always advisable that a couple use a condom, as well as another method to prevent pregnancy while they are having relations. Condoms can be purchased in any conveniant store, and they come in all different kinds for the man to use to stop diseases and pregnancy. They break or might be damaged, and that is why it always a good idea to use an additional form to prevent pregnancy also.

Morning-After Pill:

Other women prefer to use the morning-after pill that stops the pregnancy if they forgot to take their regular precautions. For some people this doesn’t work as well as the other methods that they choose to use.


There are diaphragms that a woman can insert into her vagina that stops the sperm from entering the uterus to cause a pregnancy. This type of method works very well for some women.


Another form of birth control is the IUD which is placed in the uterus to stop pregnancy. It is small device that a woman can’t feel when it is inside her.


A man can have a vasectomy to stop any unwanted pregnancies during the time a couple wishes to remain childless. This can be reversed at a later time if the couple decides they wish to have children in the future. A woman that has her tubes tied cannot reverse the operation so it is not recommended unless a woman decides that she no longer wants to have children at all in the future.

Using a method to prevent pregnancy is highly advisable in young people that aren’t sure how they can live when they have a child. They should make sure that they are mature enough to have a child, and they can afford to provide for a family. If they aren’t sure that they can handle a family at the time, they need to use a method to prevent pregnancy until they are ready and able to bring children into the world.

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