5 Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Sugar

By Katy Gilligan
Updated May 11, 2015
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5 Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood SugarWatching what you eat seems to be the cure for everything these days. No matter what ailment you may have, whether it be a migraine, stomach pain, anxiety, depression, or you are struggling to lose weight, there is always one thing that seems to be the cure: a proper diet. People who suffer from diabetes can also benefit greatly from keeping a proper diet. Some foods lowers blood sugar levels and help diabetics maintain a healthy blood sugar level. With any diet, it is important to know which foods are going to be helpful to you, and which foods you should always avoid. Diabetics have a great number of healthy and delicious foods that they can choose from in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they should also be aware of the foods that can cause spikes in blood sugar, causing an unnaturally high blood sugar level that can cause further complications with diabetes down the road.

1.) Candy

This may seem like an odd food to avoid, especially when candy is used to help sufferers of low blood sugar levels get back up to a normal reading. Sweets like hard candies and sugar packets are okay to eat if your blood sugar is extremely low, but otherwise, it is best to avoid them. Candy can cause a huge spike in blood sugar levels, as well as contributing to weight gain, both of which worsen diabetes. If you want something sweet, but don’t want to heighten your blood sugar levels, try eating a fruit with natural sugars that will not increase your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

2.) Raisins

Although fresh fruits like apples, cantaloupe, strawberries and peaches are great options to snack on if you have diabetes; raisins are not a good fruit option to choose. During the dehydration process that raisins go through, the fruits’ natural sugars become extremely concentrated, causing an elevation in blood sugar when they are rapidly absorbed in the body. If you want fruit, stick to the fresh options that do not cause a huge spike in blood sugar levels.

3.) French Fries (And Other Fried Foods)

French fries are a delicious and satisfying treat, but if you want to keep your blood sugar levels down, and do not want to add any other stress on your diabetes (weight gain, calorie intake), then you should avoid french fries, as well as other fired foods. Fries are made with carb-heavy, starchy ingredients that can cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket. They also contain bad fats, as well as grease and oil that can lead to weight gain, which will only make the diabetes and blood sugar levels worse.

4.) Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit is always the best option if you have a fruit craving. Fruit juices, even ones that claim to be 100% fruit juice, have a crazy amount of sugar in them. They will increase your blood sugar level as quickly as candy would. If you want fruit, stick with the real thing, because it contains a little amount of sugar compared to that of the juice, as well as give you a great snack.

5.) White Bread

White bread contains low-quality carbohydrates, which are also included in white rice, and anything made with white flour, like pasta. These carbohydrates act like sugar when the body begins to digest them, making blood sugar levels go through the roof. Go for whole grains, or brown rice instead to keep your blood sugar normal.

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