Learn About Natural Prevention For Cold And Flu

By Alley Benton
Updated December 15, 2016
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Learn About Natural Prevention For Cold And FluYou've probably already heard that there is no definitive cure for the cold or flu. Once you've come down with one of these invasive viruses there is little you can do except get plenty of rest, and treat the symptoms until it has run its course. But that doesn't mean that you can do nothing when the cold and flu season comes around. There are some definite cold and flu prevention measures you can take that can lower your risk of catching the disease in the first place.

It's true that there is no vaccination you can get for cold and flu prevention. To help your body fight off these prevalent viruses, you'll have to help your body fight off the bug on your own by strengthening your own immune system. There are several ways you can do this.


Many people do not realize that with just a little moderate exercise (45 minutes to an hour) five days a week you can lower your risk of catching a cold by as much as 33%. You may not realize it but just regular walking around your neighborhood at a brisk pace can do wonders to not only strengthen your body but boost your ability to fight off those nasty buggers that can make you sick.

Get Enough Sleep:

Getting adequate rest not only helps to refresh the body and mind but it also helps to lower your level of stress, which can keep your immune system working at its peak. Many medical professionals will tell you that an inadequate amount of sleep can have a very negative impact on your body's immune system. Over the years, as the world has become busier and busier, all of us have had a tendency to sacrifice sleep for other things. The cost we pay for going to bed just a few hours later each night is a weak immune system.

Wash Your Hands:

Most viruses are passed from one person to another through direct contact. People cough into their hands and then either touch you or some other object that will then transfer the virus to you when you touch it. Regular washing of your hands can avoid this type of transmission. Remember, it is not just a matter of using soap and water but also the act or rubbing the soap over your hands, under your fingernails, and over your wrists that will eliminate those cold-causing germs. By making sure that your hands only come in contact with surfaces that are clean and that you regularly wash away any germs that you may have been exposed to, you'll reduce your chances of catching the cold or flu.

It's true you may not be able to get a vaccine to keep you from catching the cold or flu but by applying these very basic cold and flu prevention strategies, you can significantly lower your risks. No one likes feeling sick and under the weather but records still show that on average Americans are fighting as many as a billion colds each year. It just simply makes sense that rather than fight off a cold after the fact that we teach our immune system to fight it off before we get sick.

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