Sometimes the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle is avoiding your favorite guilty pleasures. Food can be some people’s greatest downfall when trying to have a healthier life. People with diabetes may find it hard to avoid their favorite foods when trying to lead a healthier life, and certain foods can cause major problems to a diabetic body. There are many foods that can cause more problems than needed for a diabetic person, and they should be avoided at all costs. By not eating some of the foods listed below, a person’s risk of increasing complications with diabetes can be greatly reduced.

1.) White Rice

White rice, and similar food like pasta, are highly processed, made with white flour, and fried. These are all things that increase the risk of diabetes, as should be avoided. White rice can cause blood sugar spikes similar to that of sugar, and studies have shown that the risk of diabetes increased 11% for each daily serving of rice. Although white rice is tasty, and can go well with almost any dish, try brown rice as an alternative in order to lower the risk of complications with diabetes.

2.) Fatty Meats

Some meat is okay to eat, but try to avoid meat that is high in saturated fat, breaded, fried and loaded with sodium. Other meats are okay to eat because they are rich in protein and do not contain carbohydrates, which raise blood sugar. Try and eat proteins like chicken, beans, and seafood. They are lower in saturated fats and contain heart healthy fats.

3.) French Fries

This popular side item for sandwiches and burgers at any restaurant can be a huge downfall for someone with diabetes. French fires can cause dramatic spikes in blood sugar, along with other types of potatoes and corn products. Sometimes, they can be great sources of fiber, but when there is added sodium and fat, they are much more harmful to the body then they would be without the added ingredients. When out at a restaurant, try ordering fruit or a salad on the side instead.

4.) Fruit Juice

Fruit is a great option for a healthy diet, especially for people with diabetes. However, fruit juices can be a major downfall for blood sugar. Many fruit juices have a lot of added sugar, and they do not contain the same nutrients as just eating a whole piece of fruit on its own. Although people may think fruit juice is better than soda or sugary drinks, they may actually have as much sugar as a can of soda. Try water, tea, or any unsweetened beverages.

5.) Whole Milk

Milk is supposed to help strengthen bone health, as well as provide people with a good source of calcium. However, with people who have diabetes should opt for a lower fat percentage with milk. A diet that is high in saturated fat can worsen insulin resistance, and whole milk had a lot of saturated fat. Try 1% or non-fat milk instead of whole milk to lower the risk. Also avoid other whole-milk products like cream, full fat yogurt, and cream cheese.