Reversing Diabetes with Natural Therapies

By Alley Benton
Updated November 8, 2016
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Reversing Diabetes with Natural TherapiesToday diabetes is recognized as a serious and rising problem throughout the world. In fact, it is considered to be an epidemic, with around 23.6 million Americans suffering from it. Diabetes is a well-established problem that is medically characterized by the presence of a fasting blood glucose amount that is higher than 126 mg/dL. People with ranges between 100-125 are considered to be pre-diabetic, whereas ranges under 99 mg/dl are considered to be normal. Studies are now finding that glucose levels that are below 83 mg/dl actually may be a better benchmark, as the risk of diabetes often increases at anything above that. Fortunately, there may be opportunities for reversing diabetes with natural therapies.

Reversing Diabetes:

The good news for people suffering from type 2 diabetes is that it might be possible to begin reversing diabetes with natural therapies. There are many good steps that can help with this process, from getting your insulin issues under control (diabetes is triggered by insulin resistance and gaining proper insulin sensitivity can reverse the process), to getting your fats in balance. An overabundance of omega 6 fats within the diet is suggested to be a contributing factor to diabetes. It is important to pay attention to your regular intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fats so that you can try to get them as close as possible to a 1:1 ratio. Supplementation can help with this.

Another important thing to consider is fixing the problems going on within your intestines. Toxins and grains cause damage to the natural intestinal lining and facilitate the process of leaky gut syndrome. Depleted amounts of beneficial bacteria caused by bad diet, use of antibiotics, and more can all contribute to a more significant problem. Remove the grains where you can, avoid toxins when possible, and make sure that you consume plenty of high-quality probiotics to promote the healing process.

Exercising and Losing Excess Weight:

A good way to facilitate reversing diabetes with natural therapies is to have regular exercise. Even the mainstream community in the medical world recognizes the advantages of exercise as it helps to increase the muscles' ability to use insulin and can assist with insulin resistance. Of course, all exercise isn't created equal! Small amounts of high intensity exercise generally have the best impact for people with diabetes. Exercise will also help you to lose excess weight, which is an important factor since obesity and diabetes often go hand in hand. On top of that, you'll get to start reducing your general experience of stress. Stress raises your cortisol levels and can lead to an imbalance in natural hormones. What's more, this can promote insulin issues and increase your risk for certain forms of disease. Working to reduce your natural sources of stress, from lack of sleep to exposure to toxins can enhance your health in a number of ways.

If you're still having problems with your health after those measures, you can always consider taking supplements. Supplements are ideal for helping your body to heal from diabetes, particularly while your body works to gain proper insulin reactions. Supplements that can help with diabetes range from alpha lipoic acid, to omega 3, garlic, and magnesium.

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