Medically Reviewed By: Tom Iarocci, MD

There is a lot of truth in the common saying, ‘you are what you eat,’ and heeding the old adage is arguably one of the best things you can do when it comes to managing type 2 diabetes. You can faithfully take your medications and exercise everyday just as the doctor prescribed, but that doesn’t mean your diabetes will be under control without paying more attention to your dietary intake.

When you have type 2 diabetes, you need to know how to choose foods that will help you to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, but also those that will help keep your cholesterol levels in a heart-healthy range, and those that will help you maintain a healthy body weight. Still, even with all of that riding on your choices, it’s not always easy to know which foods will offer the best nutritional value for you. This is why many opt to plan their meals by using a type 2 diabetes menu planners.

Purpose Of A Menu Planner:

Diabetes meal plans are commonly used not only to help guide food choices but also help plan the appropriate quantities. Being able to do portion control is just as important as finding nutritious foods. Eating too much of a healthy food may also end up threatening your health.

There are several different ways to accomplish this: some plans use the plate method where the portions have to fit within a specific section of the plate, others require carb counting, while some use a glycemic index. When choosing the type 2 diabetes menu planner that is right for you, look for one that you feel most comfortable with and will be able to follow. If counting carbs is difficult for you, the plate method may work better.

The Best Meal Plan:

People with diabetes have to be extra careful with their food choices, and a meal plan should serve you by simplifying your food choices. The right meal plan for you should help you to balance your meals along with your insulin and medications to keep your system working the way it should. Consulting with your primary doctor or nutritionist can help you to narrow down the many different types of planners there are to choose from to find one that is right for you.

At the very least, a healthy meal plan should include a wide variety of different foods so that you don’t end up eating the same thing week in and week out. This will keep you from getting bored with your meals, which opens up the possibility of giving up on the diet altogether.

Healthy food choices should include plenty of vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruit, non-fat dairy, beans, meat (preferably lean), poultry and fish. Those who can maintain a diet rich in these foods will do better.

Consult A Nutritionist:

You can also enlist the aid of a nutritionist or dietician to help you choose the right type 2 diabetes menu planner. People with diabetes are all different, and there is no one ideal menu plan that will suit everyone. A good nutritionist will look at the complete package to help you fine-tune your menu choices and provide you with a workable guide that can assist you in planning all of your meals so that you can ensure good health.