Managing your diabetes is a full time job. It requires a major investment of your time and money to keep it under control. The nagging fear in the minds of every diabetic is the threat of what happens if it is not managed well. So, we continue on faithfully checking our sugar levels and watching our diet. The problem, however, is not the dedication that many diabetics have to staying healthy but it lies in meeting the expenses involved. Checking your glucose levels is a simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes, but it still requires money to continuously repurchase the testing strips needed to perform those tests. If you're on a low budget those expenses can put a significant strain on your personal finance. It is good to know that there are ways to get low cost diabetic supplies for free and even free diabetes testing strips to help those who have financial difficulties.

Assistance Programs:

There are a number of patient assistance programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers that can significantly help you to reduce the cost of using these testing strips. The programs have been set up to help those who may have no insurance coverage or find themselves underinsured to meet the costs of managing their diabetes. Generally, to qualify you may be required to use a specific meter and strips but with their assistance you will only need to pay a nominal fee at best.

Outreach Organizations:

If you do not qualify for the assistance programs, the next step is to look for the outreach organizations set up to give financial help. These programs are usually geared towards a certain group of people, the elderly, singles, or those with low income. To find a program where you may be qualified, start by checking with your personal health care provider or your local pharmacist for one in your area. They may not all be able to get you free diabetes testing strips but they can represent a significant savings just the same.

Go Generic:

If you've been accustomed to using brand name test strips then consider saving money by using generic strips instead. Just like with medications and other products the brand names generally are considerably more expensive than the generic. Unless your insurance insists that you use a certain type of strip you can save significant amounts of money this way. And if you consistently purchase your strips at the same location month after month, take advantage of any loyalty programs they have. You may not be able to get free diabetes testing strips every month, but their appreciation for your loyalty in shopping with them regularly will eventually pay off so that you can save quite a bit of money just the same.

Managing your diabetes is not necessarily complicated – the time it takes to test your glucose levels and monitor your condition may only take minutes. However, you must be diligent and consistent for your efforts to produce the results you need. So, if you're on a tight budget and have difficulty even meeting the basic costs for this type of program, these alternatives for getting the supplies you need, can really work to your advantage.