Key Foods To Avoid When You Have Diarrhea

By Peter Thomas
Updated February 19, 2016
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Key Foods To Avoid When You Have DiarrheaDiarrhea is by far one of the most uncomfortable issues a person can suffer from, and it's often the bane of your life if you're traveling somewhere or going to a party. Defined by the Mayo Clinic as loose or watery stools that often happen more frequently than usual, diarrhea has a number of different causes. While at the best of times it's simply an annoyance, it can also become an incredibly dangerous and serious problem to certain people. For older adults and infants, for example, diarrhea can cause the body to dehydrate very quickly, making it very dangerous when it goes untreated.

Like with many problems impacting the gastrointestinal system, it's important to know which foods to eat to help get rid of diarrhea fast. However, it's also important to know what foods to avoid when you have diarrhea, and the items that could be responsible for making your condition worse. The last thing you want to do when you're suffering from this condition is eat foods that could aggravate your system or worsen the speed of intestinal contractions. The following are just some of the foods you should avoid when you have diarrhea.

Dairy Products:

Even if you're not one of the many people throughout the globe that suffer from lactose intolerance, you may find that it's a good idea to avoid dairy products if you're suffering from a bout of diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause a loosening of the amount of lactase in your system, the enzyme required for the body to digest the sugar found in dairy products. If lactose sits in your body without being properly digested, it can lead to further symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. In other words, it's important to stay away from soft cheeses like cottage cheese or ricotta, butter, milk, and ice-cream. The only exception to the rule is yogurt, as the probiotics that are contained within certain types of yogurt can help your body to heal, so long as you skip those with added sugar.

Foods that Produce Gas:

There are a number of foods to avoid when you have diarrhea that available on the market today that have established a reputation for increasing the amount of intestinal gas an individual suffers from. The more intestinal gas you have, the more you could suffer from further bouts of diarrhea. Some of the gassiest foods include: beans, cabbage, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, pears, peaches, plums, dried fruits, and more.

Carbonated Beverages and Alcohol:

For individuals who are entirely healthy, beverages that contain carbonation, caffeine, and alcohol will generally not cause diarrhea. However, each of these products has the potential to act as an irritant to the GI tract, meaning that is generally best to avoid them until your system returns to functioning normally. Don't drink soda that has gone flat either. Even though older generations have made this recommendation in the past, the components that are contained within all soda, flat or otherwise, can make things a lot worse. A better solution would be to choose an oral rehydration solution or water.

Fatty Foods:

Finally, foods to avoid when you have diarrhea have a higher content of fat that can speed up your intestinal contractions and cause a reaction in a system that is already sensitive. This means that you should stay away from fast foods, fatty meat, creamy foods, and greasy foods.

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