Despite the saying that you should "feed" a cold and starve a fever, the truth is that no matter what kind of illness you're suffering from, it's important to make sure that your body is getting the right nutrition to help it overcome the problem and recover faster. When you have a fever, your body naturally burns more calories, and if you don't eat enough foods that are nutritionally dense, then you could end up not having enough energy to recover quickly. If you're suffering from a fever that lasts longer than 72 hours, or you have one that is accompanied by other symptoms such as a stiff neck, it's important to seek professional medical help quickly. Alternatively, if your fever is mild, you can try using these 9 healthy foods to eat when you have a fever.

1. Water

Though not technically a food, you should make sure that you're consuming plenty of water when you have a fever. Fevers naturally cause us to sweat, which can mean that we end up becoming dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water should help you to stay hydrated for longer, and reduce your chances of suffering from additional and dangerous symptoms.

2. Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Fruits like watermelon, strawberries, oranges, and pineapple are all rich in vitamin C, which helps to improve the health and power of your immune system. These fruits will help you to start recovering from your fever faster, making them ideal for our list of 9 healthy foods to eat when you have a fever.

3. Citrus Fruits

As well as being high in vitamin C, citrus fruits also contain special flavonoid compounds which can decrease the inflammation in your system and improve the functioning of your immune system. Pick fresh fruits to get the best results.

4. Bananas

Fevers can often come with additional symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. Bananas help to replace much of the potassium that your system loses through excessive sweating and other fever-based symptoms.

5. Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt that is low in fat can help you to create positive live cultures in your body that might help to re-balance your system and help you overcome your fever faster. Make sure that you look for yogurt that's got "live and active" cultures on the label.

6. Eggs

Protein is essential when you're overcoming a fever, which is why it's on our list of 9 healthy foods to eat when you have a fever. Protein will help your immune system to get the energy it needs to fight off infection. If you're struggling to stomach certain food, try small amounts of bland foods like scrambled egg.

7. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is an easy-to-eat food containing vitamins, calories, and minerals when you're feeling sick. It's also a great source of electrolytes and fluids, which your body needs more when you're suffering from a fever.

8. Garlic

Garlic can provide a wide range of different health benefits. It's got antiviral and antifungal effects, and it can also work to stimulate the immune system.

9. Honey

Finally, honey has potent antibacterial effects that can be useful for people who are fighting back against a fever caused by infection. Some evidence also suggests that honey stimulates the immune system.