Having a gluten allergy can be one of the most difficult allergies to deal with. You have to give up a lot of great food that you may have been eating for years. Not only does having a gluten allergy mean that you have to give up foods that you have been eating for a long time, but these foods are some of the most common ones that you can find in a pantry. It can be really difficult to avoid some of these foods because they are so readily available, and used in most recipes. But, if you have a gluten allergy, the best way to feel better is to make sure that these foods are no longer in your diet. After practicing and finding alternatives for these foods, it will be much easier to live without them, especially when you see the results of not having them in your diet.

Here are five foods to avoid with gluten if you suffer from a gluten allergy and want to live a healthier gluten-free lifestyle:

1.) Alcoholic Beverages

This may seem like one item in your fridge that you would not have to give up, because liquid does not seem like something that would have a lot of wheat in it. However, there are certain alcohols that are made or distilled with grain that contain gluten. A lot of beers, ales and light beers have gluten in them, but there are more and more beers being made that are gluten-free. Some gins, whiskies, and vodkas are distilled from gluten grains, but there are options that are not distilled from these grains. You can try different alcohols and see how you react to them, and also try options that are gluten free, but you should avoid alcohol a majority of the time.

2.) Processed Meats

Processed meats altogether do not have good chemicals in them, and some of the chemicals are cancer-causing. Almost all processed meats including: hot dogs, cold cuts, bologna, pepperoni and salami have a high amount of gluten. This gluten comes from the grains that are used in their manufacturing process.

3.) Grains

Luckily, many stores are providing options that substitute some of people’s favorite treats that contain grains, and they are making these popular products gluten-free. Some of the options that you should avoid include: bread, pasta, muffins, cereals, cookies, pancake mixes, bran, dumplings, buns, waffles and pastries. Although all of these options are among the favorite of most people, it is important to avoid them and look for any gluten-free option available to you.

4.) Condiments And Seasonings

Some condiments and seasonings have clearly labeled their products to say that they are gluten-free. Unfortunately, there are still many products that still have gluten in them, and they should be avoided. Some of these products include: salad dressings, bouillon, soy sauce, anything with MSG in it, and modified food starch.

5.) Sweets

Some sweets are made with flour, among with other substances that contain gluten. You should also avoid products made with malt, treats that contain cereal, and cake frosting. Root beer is also a sweet treat that you want to avoid, because it contains a high amount of gluten. There are sweets that are labeled as gluten-free, and you can search online for products that do not have gluten in them so you can get your sweet fix.