An abscess (also known as a boil or furuncle) is an area infected by germs that usually contains a collection of pus. Some symptoms of an abscess may include pain, hardness, redness, and tenderness. Sometimes this may spread if you do not apply any sort of treatement.  

A few treatments may include applying a warm compress to the affected area. This will help draw the pus to the tip and hopefully burst causing a relief in pain and redness. Keeping a piece of gauze on the affected area will help collect anything that may drain from the infection.  

This is extremely important as this infection can spread rapidly. Make sure you are being sterile and taking the correct precautions when touching anything near the infected area.

Seek Medical Care If:

1.) You develop an increase in pain, swelling, redness, drainage or bleeding in the wound site.

2.) You develop signs of generalized infection, including muscle aches, chills or a general illness.

3.) You develop an oral temperature above 101F (38.33C).