A renal failure is a serious matter and those who suffer from it will have to make serious adjustments in order to get their health back on track. Once your kidneys' have failed, there will have to be some drastic life changes made to help decrease the amount of waste your body makes so your kidneys will work better. Without these necessary changes you may be facing a total renal failure.

These are the 11 foods to avoid when you suffer from kidney failure and the sooner you make those adjustments the better.

1. Protein

The first among the 11 foods to avoid when you suffer from kidney failure are those that are high in protein (meat, poultry, fish, and eggs). Intake of these foods need to be limited so that you can lower the amount of waste that builds up in your blood.

2. Phosphorus

An excessive amount of phosphorus can be real trouble for your kidneys. They cannot eliminate the excess amount and as a result it will accumulate in your blood causing your bones to lose essential calcium and weaken.

3. Sodium

Keep your sodium levels at no more than 1500 mg per day. Excess salt makes the heart work harder leading to cardiovascular difficulties. Avoid table salt, canned foods, soups, and salty snacks. Also stay away from processed meats, which are extremely high in sodium

4. Potassium

When you have kidney failure your potassium levels may be too high. Potassium is often found in many fruits and vegetables. Bananas, for example, are extremely high in potassium and you may need to avoid them.

5. Liquids

You will have to limit the amount of liquids you consume everyday, especially if your body is retaining fluids. This could cause a build up of fluid in your lungs leading to other health problems.

6. Dairy

Remember that dairy products are high in cholesterol, calories and saturated fat. Avoid taking butter and other dairy products and opt instead for unsaturated fats and spreads.

7. Mayonnaise

It might be your favorite spread but it is not a friend to someone with kidney problems. Not only is it high in saturated fat, but it is also high in sodium and sugar. Replace your mayo with plain non-fat Greek yogurt.

8. Frozen Meals

Research has shown that frozen meals are not only are bad for kidneys but they also contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. Avoid any processed foods, especially those that may have hidden amounts of sugar, sodium and fat.

9. Nuts

These include any type of nut butters, seeds, dried beans, and lentils. These are not only high in protein but also high in potassium and phosphorus, which is listed on the foods to avoid.

10. High Fiber Foods

Whole grains and foods high in fiber like whole wheat breads are very high in fiber and can give your already weakened kidneys more work than they can handle.

11. Fruits and Vegetables

It is not possible to completely eliminate fruits and vegetables from your diet. However, you should choose them carefully. All fruits and vegetables contain potassium, which you should be avoiding. Select only those fruits and veggies that have low amounts of potassium. For example, eat apples instead of bananas and choose broccoli instead of asparagus.

Remember, when it comes to your shopping stick with fresh foods rather than prepackaged foods and you'll come out better on the nutrition end. Make sure you know the 11 foods to avoid when you suffer from kidney failure.