Chronic kidney failure is a condition that can emerge as a result of chronic kidney disease. If you have kidney disease for an excessive amount of time, and the treatments that are given don't include a transplant to remove the affected kidney from your system, then the problem might progress into chronic kidney failure. In kidney failure, you will need to get a transplant to ensure that you can continue your life. After all, renal failure can result in death.

The main problem that people face when it comes to understanding chronic kidney disease is that there are rarely any significant symptoms until the problem has progressed into kidney failure. It is therefore vital to recognize these 9 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney failure.

1. High Blood Pressure

The first and one of the most common on our list of the 9 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney failure is high blood pressure. Because your kidneys aren't working to filter your blood properly, this can lead to countless problems, including a rise in your blood pressure that needs to be addressed with urgency.

2. Excess Fatigue

As your body is exposed to the accumulated toxins in your body, you're likely to feel very run down and exhausted, as though you might need to sleep all the time. You may also find that your muscles feel weak and tired.

3. Sleeping Problems

Although you're likely to feel exhausted when you're suffering from chronic kidney failure, the discomfort and excess toxins in your system will probably interfere with your sleep so that you're unable to get the rest that you need.

4. Problems with Concentration

People who are in the process of severe or chronic kidney failure often find that they have problems with their concentration or retaining memories. You might find that you're more forgetful than normal, or more confused about your surroundings.

5. Swelling

Usually, because your kidneys can no longer filter waste and water from your system, you will find that water starts to build up around your ankles and feet. Furthermore, the swelling can also progress upwards until it is found throughout the entire body.

6. Vomiting and Nausea

This is another common condition in our 9 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney failure. The presence of accumulated toxins in your body can lead to a sickly or nauseated feeling, or you may experience vomiting.

7. Appetite Problems and Weight Loss

One common problem with chronic kidney failure is that you lose your appetite and you start to lose a lot of weight. This issue will need to be addressed quickly, as you need nutrition to ensure that you can overcome your disease.

8. Cramps or Muscle Twitching

Sometimes, people with chronic kidney failure will find that they are plagued by twitching muscles or cramps that are located throughout a large portion of their body.

9. Skin Itching

Finally, the last item on our 9 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney failure is itching. Excessive amounts of toxin in the blood stream can lead to additional discomfort throughout the body that makes you feel itchier than normal.