LASIK Eye Surgery: Astigmatism, Costs, Prices And Risks

By Janice Larsen
Updated June 6, 2016
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LASIK Eye Surgery: Astigmatism, Costs, Prices And RisksAstigmatism is a commonly used word, but few people actually know what it means. Those who have it often wonder about LASIK eye surgery astigmatism, costs, prices and risks. While this type of eye surgery can and will be explained, it is important that you first understand a bit more about the nature of astigmatism. It is not, contrary to popular belief, an eye disease. Rather, it is a type of prescription and is therefore no different for being near- or far-sighted.

Around 50% of people have at least a degree of astigmatism. It is easy to correct using contact lenses or glasses, and laser eye surgery such as LASIK can successfully be used to treat it. If your astigmatism is less than one Dioptre, it means you have mild astigmatism. In this case, you probably won't need any kind of visual correction either. If, however, you have one Dioptre or above, it is more significant and you may want to look into correction options.

LASIK Eye Surgery - Astigmatism, Costs, Prices And Risks:

A few things are to consider in terms of LASIK eye surgery astigmatism, costs, prices and risks including:

  • LASIK and LASEK can both treat astigmatism. The visual outcomes are very similar. They can treat up to 6 Dioptres, which means very few people will have such severe astigmatism that it cannot be treated. In fact, less than 1% of people have that level of astigmatism.
  • People with high astigmatism, which means it is 3 Dioptres or higher, you will usually be asked to have wavefront laser eye surgery. Wavefront is usually more accurate overall, and this is very important in the treatment of high astigmatism levels. Do make sure, therefore, that you also look into wavefront laser eye surgery and whether it is a suitable option for you.
  • In terms of recovery time, astigmatism laser eye surgery takes just as long for near- or far-sightedness.
  • In terms of cost, there is no difference between treating near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism. However, wavefront is generally more expensive and it is unlikely that a surgeon will agree to provide you LASIK or LASEK if you have 3 Dioptres or more.
  • If you are suitable for LASIK or LASEK, the procedure itself will be exactly the same as what it would be if you had far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

Simply put, astigmatism will not stop you from having laser eye surgery. In all likelihood, you will be able to achieve 20/20 vision following your procedure. In terms of LASIK eye surgery astigmatism, costs, prices and risks, these will be discussed with you by your surgeon. Costs and prices will vary depending on your clinic and geographical location. The risks of this type of surgery are negligible, so long as you follow the instructions of your physician. You will be informed on what to do before the procedure, as well as during and after. Furthermore, you will have to attend a number of followup visits to make sure the healing process is going well, regardless of the type of vision correction you underwent.

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