Traditionally, women who went through menopause were offered hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help manage the symptoms. However, numerous horror stories have emerged about HRT, which led to a change in the therapy itself. While this has happened, women are looking for the best relief to manage and treat menopause naturally. This is a positive development, particularly when you consider how many natural remedies are out there.

Best Relief To Manage And Treat Menopause Naturally

The first and most important thing is that women commit to eating a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet, and that they exercise regularly. This helps to keep their heart healthy and hormones remain balanced. Sleeping properly and enjoying leisure time are equally important.

That being said, healthy living alone is usually not enough to avoid all the symptoms of menopause. The best relief to manage and treat menopause naturally comes in the form of various herbs and plants. Let's take a look at some of these herbs:

1.) Black cohosh helps to relieve menopause and menstrual cramps. It has been used in Native American cultures for thousands of years, and the early settlers also used it. Science has now confirmed that it helps to treat menopause, although it should not be used by people with low blood pressure.

2.) Garden sage is a tonic herb that has antiseptic properties. It helps to suppress sweating and relaxes spasms, while also improving digestion and liver function. Furthermore, it is estrogenic, an antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory.

3.) Vitex, which is the Chaste Tree, has been scientifically proven to assist in gynecological problems. It helps to balance hormones in a natural way. It can also reduce mood swings, PMS, dizziness, and hot flashes.

4.) Evening primrose oil contains important fatty acids that help to regulate a woman's hormones. It also helps to produce prostaglandins, which regulate fat metabolism, hormones, the immune system, and more. For menopausal women, it may also reduce breast tenderness and depression.

5.) Motherwort can be used for the heart, circulation, uterine system, and menstrual cycle. It stimulates menstruation in women who are tense or anxious. It also helps to relax and reduce heart palpitations.

6.) Eleuthero, or Siberian Ginseng, helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. It also encourages hormone balance. And it can rejuvenate the reproductive system.

7.) Dong Quai helps to treat weak glands and anemia. It also relieves PMS and hot flashes. However, it should not be used by women who experience heavy bleeding or those who are pregnant.

Every woman has a unique experience through her menopause. As such, understanding what your symptoms are is the first step towards finding natural treatment. Mother Nature has provided us with the necessary plants and herbs to help us live healthy, happy lives. However, plants can have very potent effects, so it is vital that you look into what each plant can do, and ensure that it does not have a negative effect on any medical condition that you may already be using. Do discuss your symptoms and plans to take herbal remedies with your physician.