The Top Treatment Options For Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

By Ethan Chris
Updated August 22, 2014
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The Top Treatment Options For Mesothelioma Lung CancerThere are several people out there that suffer from this cancer related to asbestos called mesothelioma. Considering the history of research and the many people constantly studying new ways in which to find a cure, there are a number of mesothelioma treatments that are available today.

Radiation Therapy

This is considered an option that is used in conjunction with other types of treatments. It is used to help in shrinking down tumors inside the body so it will improve those who live with this cancer, and assist them in getting by a lot easier. When using radiation, it also decreases the amount of daily pain in many patients as well. There are also fewer side effects than other treatment options.


With this option, it is among the most commonly chosen answers to treating a lot of different cancers. Now, with the combination of several prescription drugs, it can help to treat more while not giving any harsh side effects in return. A drip is used for this mostly because of how it is not as invasive as other treatment methods.


Often times, surgery is combined with the chemotherapy to make the effects more permanent. It helps to not only remove any tumors, but the chemotherapy combination will insure that all the cancerous cells are destroyed. It is sometimes easier for many patients to go through surgery and then follow with chemotherapy or radiation.


Basically, this is the actual term used for a combination of treatments. It could be surgery combined with chemotherapy or surgery combined with radiation. Either way, a combination of different treatment methods could be the answer to helping a person gain back their active lifestyle. These types of methods also give the best results in many cases.


This type of therapy is one that is still new to the scene for treatment options. Manipulating a person’s own immune system is the basis. The idea is to force the immune system to learn to fight off different types of cancer. Also, this is a good option for many because it involves using what your body has naturally and is not using any harsh drugs.

Photodynamic Therapy

It is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced treatments and yet it has a simple method of treatment. A drug is used to make cancer cells very sensitive to a particular wave of light. In doing so, that wave of light can be used on the body to kill the cancer cells. It is a good way to insure that only certain cells are destroyed, and obviously it's not the good cells. It is also easier on the body in that the side effects are not as harsh on the body.

All of these are treatment options that can be used, but they are all different and must be decided upon with knowing the patients level of cancer. After knowing the level, it will be easier to distinguish which mesothelioma treatment is going to be the right choice. Choosing the right option is very important to making sure that person can lead a better life.

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