Neck pain is generally caused by stiff muscles in the neck. It is very common and there is usually nothing at all to worry about. There is a lot of neck pain relief and medication out there, most of which are available over the counter, meaning you do not even have to visit a physician. In fact, after just a few days, or weeks at most, your pain should resolve itself.

Causes of Neck Pain:

There are a lot of reasons for neck pain, including something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position. Perhaps you have used a computer too long, or maybe you have poor posture. You could also have had a sudden movement in the neck, which is known as whiplash, often caused by car accidents. In fact, it can also be caused by stress and anxiety, leaving your muscles tense.

Understanding Neck Pain Relief and Medication:

The first form of neck pain relief and medication has to be at home treatment, unless you have reason to believe that there is a breakage, in which case medical attention must be sought immediately. At home treatment, however, is based on you keeping up your usual activities and not immobilizing your neck. If the pain is quite bad, you can take over the counter painkillers as well.

Implement the following steps:

1. Take ibuprofen and/or paracetamol at regular intervals to control the pain. You can also rub gel with ibuprofen on the neck instead of tablets. Do not do both, however, and always follow the instructions.

2. Hold a heat pack or hot water bottle to the neck to reduce spasm and pain. You can also try a cold pack.

3. Use a firm, low pillow every night. Too many pillows can cause an unnatural bend in the neck.

4. Make sure that your posture is good, as bad posture can be the cause of the pain, and it will certainly make the pain worse.

5. Do not wear a neck collar unless prescribed. There is no evidence that it promotes healing. In fact, because your neck is immobilized, your muscles will lose strength.

6. Do not drive if it is hard to turn your head.

7. Complete neck exercises, such as gentle tension in the muscles of your neck, tilting your head from side to side and up and down, and so on. This will improve your movement range by strengthening the muscles of your neck.

Seeking Medical Help:

If, after a few days, there is no improvement, if the pain cannot be managed with over the counter remedies, or if you believe the issue is more serious, do seek medical attention. A physician can then examine you and tell you whether you need further treatment. This includes prescription painkillers and physiotherapy, for instance.