A List Of Foods Allowed On The Paleo Diet

By Alley Benton
Updated December 13, 2016
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A List Of Foods Allowed On The Paleo DietThe paleo community is increasing in numbers on a daily basis. Some people join it because of the overall health benefits that  this kind of diet can offer. Other people join because they want to lose weight. Whatever your reasoning, you need to know the foods allowed on the paleo diet to get it right. Below is a definitive list of what you can eat.

A Brief Overview of Foods Allowed on the Paleo Diet:

If you follow the paleo diet, you are allowed to eat a lot of food. This includes fish and seafood, grass fed meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, eggs, seeds, and healthy oils like coconut, avocado, macadamia, flaxseed, walnut, and olive. Let's review this in a bit more detail.

Foods Allowed on the Paleo Diet in Detail:

1. Meats

- Turkey

- Poultry

- Pork tenderloin

- Chicken breast

- Steak

- Pork chops

- Bacon

- Veal

- Ground beef

- Pork

- Chicken thighs, wings, and legs

- Grass fed beef

- Shrimp

- Lamb rack

- Clams

- Lobster

- Venison steaks

- Salmon

- New York steak

- Buffalo

- Bison, including sirloin, rib-eye, jerky, and steaks

- Rabbit

- Lamb chops

- Elk

- Goat

- Goose

- Emu

- Bear

- Kangaroo

- Eggs (any bird)

- Beef jerky

- Reindeer

- Wild boar

- Ostrich

- Turtle

- Pheasant

- Ostrich

- Lean veal

- Quail

- Rattlesnake

- Chuck steak

2. Fish

- Salmon

- Bass

- Mackerel

- Halibut

- Tuna

- Sardines

- Shark

- Red snapper

- Swordfish

- Sunfish

- Trout

- Tilapia

- Walleye

3. Seafood

- Crawfish

- Crab

- Shrimp

- Crayfish

- Lobster

- Clams

- Oysters

- Scallops

4. Vegetables

- Avocado

- Asparagus

- Brussels sprouts

- Artichoke hearts

- Celery

- Spinach

- Carrots

- Zucchini

- Broccoli

- Peppers (any type)

- Cabbage

- Parsley

- Cauliflower

- Green onions

5. Starchy Vegetables

- Acorn squash

- Butternut squash

- Sweet potatoes

- Yam

- Beets

6. Oils and Fats

- Grass fed butter

- Avocado oil

- Macadamia oil

- Olive Oil

- Coconut oil

7. Nuts and Seeds

- Cashews

- Almonds

- Pecans

- Hazelnuts

- Pumpkin seeds

- Pine nuts

- Macadamia nuts

- Sunflower seeds

- Walnuts

8. Fruits

- Avocado

- Apple

- Papaya

- Blackberries

- Plums

- Peaches

- Lychee

- Mango

- Grapes

- Blueberries

- Strawberries

- Lemon

- Pineapple

- Watermelon

- Guava

- Raspberries

- Lime

- Tangerine

- Cantaloupe

- Oranges

- Figs

- Bananas

As you can see, having a feast on the paleo diet is easy enough to do. So why is this diet known as being quite restrictive? This is mainly due to the fact that you have to make sure you eat these foods the right way, and foods that have been produced the right way as well. You can, for instance, eat as many bananas if you want (within reason, particularly if you want to lose weight). You cannot, however, eat bananas if they have been treated with pesticides, herbicides, and so on. Similarly, you could eat salmon every day if you so wanted, but not if it is the farmed type of salmon, where dye is added to their water in order to make them appear more pinkish.

Luckily, if you are ever in doubt, there are now many apps available that you can install on your smartphone to check whether you can have a particular food or not. Many of these can scan the barcode of the product you are considering and tell you whether you can have it or not. But do also remember that if you make a mistake, it is not the end of the world.

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