As a parent, you are responsible for shaping your children's lives. A child's mind is very impressionable, and what they see and hear during their early years can have a big impact on the rest of their lives. The words that you repeat to them daily will affect how they approach the world and perceive their experiences. Here are some things to tell your child each day.

1.) Everybody Starts Out As A Beginner.

It is important for a child's self-esteem that they don't see their early attempts at something as a failure. Whenever they struggle with something, whether it's math equations, riding a bike, or coloring inside the lines, let them know that it's normal to go through that stage. Everybody has to start as a beginner, and everyone went through the same period when they were learning to do something. Rather than seeing their efforts as a failure, position this as a natural step on the road to success.

2.) I Believe In You.

Knowing that you have confidence in them can help boost your children's belief in themselves. It shows them that they have your support, so they feel less like they have to face their challenges alone. It can give them strength when the going gets tough. Hearing repeatedly that you believe in your children can make them more likely to believe in themselves, boosting their self-image and self-confidence.

3.) You Can Learn From Every Mistake.

Whenever your child spills the milk, breaks a toy, or falls and scrapes a knee, help them to see this as a learning experience. Maybe the lesson is that they need to pick their toys up off the floor, or that they shouldn't run down the driveway. The point is to turn the event from something negative, into something with a positive lesson to it. This is a skill that can be very important in life.

4.) Don't Ever Give Up.

Patience and perseverance are important to accomplishing anything important in life, and it is good to learn these early. If your child is not finding success at something, don't let them give up in frustration and defeat. Instead, tell them they should never give up. This doesn't mean to keep doing the same thing over and over, since that may not work. There could be another approach they need to try. If one way doesn't work, try something different. The point is not to let the challenge defeat them. When they have the patience to keep trying, they will find that they can eventually conquer the challenges they face.

5.) You Are Safe And I Love You.

When a child feels safe and loved, they can relax in the knowledge that they have loving parents who are taking care of them. They don't need to worry as much about the dangers of life, and can face the world with increased courage and confidence. Knowing that someone loves them provides a sense of security, and hearing this every day is important to reinforce it. This is a simple yet powerful message.