You want to be a good parent, and do what is best for your children. The problem is that it isn't always easy to know exactly how to do that. To help you out, here are some tips for parenting effectively that we use with our own children here at  Knowzo.

1.) Be A Role Model

From the time they are very small, children look to their parents as models for how to behave. Therefore, you need to take a look at your own life, and make sure it embodies the qualities you want your children to have. If you want them to be honest, then you must be honest, too.

2.) Eat Healthy

Make sure that your children are eating healthy food and a well-balanced diet.  Growing kids need proper nutrition. Related tips for parenting are to ensure that they stay active and don't overeat, because childhood obesity is a widespread problem these days that leads to many other health-related diseases, such as diabetes, and so forth.

3.) Get To Know Them Deeply

Have meaningful conversations with your children. Ask them about their hopes and dreams, fears, and concerns. Listen closely to their answers, and don't judge or belittle them. The more deeply you know your children, the stronger your bond with them will be.

4.) Know Where They Are

Do you always know where you child is? Do you know what they're doing, who they are with, and who is in charge right now? Important parenting tips are to make a point of knowing all of this, and have a set time for them to be home. With smart phones and social media, this is becoming much easier, so take advantage of advanced technology because it is very useful for communication.

5.) Instill Respect

Insist that your children show you respect, and that they treat others with respect too, including teachers, and even other kids. Make sure they handle anger in a way that is not abusive to others, either physically or verbally.

6.) Limit TV And Games

Modern parenting tips include setting a time limit for your kids on watching television and playing video games. It is better for them to get up off the chair, and do something active. Get them involved in outdoor activities, sports, and games instead of watching TV. Also buy them books. This is a much better hobby than video games or television watching.

7.) Know Their Friends

Meet your children's friends, and get to know them. Friends are an important influence on your kids, for better or worse. Make sure you know who those friends are, and try to meet their parents, too.

8.) Always Keep Your Word

Here's another of the best tips for new parents. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Your children have to learn to take your words seriously, and know that you mean what you say. If you say there will be certain consequences if they behave badly, then you need to follow through.

9.) Teach Them About Sex

The best time to talk to your children about sex is before they reach that age themselves. This is a chance for you to share your values with them, and prepare them for the situation, because it will arise.

10.) Talk To Them About Issues

Children are exposed to alcohol and drugs at younger and younger ages. It is important for you to keep open lines of communication with them, and discuss these issues with them. Help prepare them for what they will face.