4 Easy Steps To Perfect Posture

By Doug Fretton
Updated April 7, 2015
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4 Easy Steps To Perfect PostureOur posture reflects our bodies overall health whether you believe it or not. Posture is linked to not only our back, shoulders, spine, and neck, but all the way down to our torso, ankles and feet.

Having a desk job has really taken a toll on my body. Not as much as having a job in manual labor, but this kind of effect has been very different. Over the past three years, I've began developing bad lower back issues due to my poor posture.

This is something I try and work on daily, but truth be told, I am just not that good at it. As my lower back continues to worsen, I've began doing yoga, as well as following these four steps daily to strive for perfect posture.

Below are 4 steps to obtaining perfect posture, as well as a video instructing each step.

1.) Get on all fours and explore.

What I mean by this is stretch out your core, your back, your arms and your legs. Literally, move every which way and rock your body and explore different stretches to open up your chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just relax and get loose.

2.) Challenge balance on your feet.

Stand up, relax your legs, and begin movements. Lift and lean off side-to-side and mess around. Let your body respond naturally to the balance challenge, while testing out different movements and stretches along the way. Make sure to stay very relaxed and remain as mobile as possible while fine tuning your balance.

3.) Strengthen your core.

Now, pop back down on the ground and get moving up and down and side to side. Move every body part up and down while rocking side-to-side. You want to roll around while breathing and really focus on keeping your core strong while rocking and moving.

4.) Let go, lift hips, hamstrings, and relax.

Sit down, round back, shifting hips on your shoulder blades, and try and touch your toes. Lift, touch, exhale and repeat. What you are trying to do here is really open up and finish strong while keeping your body relaxed. This finishes off not only the core, but your lower body as well. I recommend some sort of cardio after these four steps.

If you are confused at all about any of the movements, refer to the video as instructor Mike Taylor does a great job on demonstrating these four steps.


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