Tobacco Use Among Teenagers Is Dangerously High

By Audrey Parker
Updated April 13, 2015
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Tobacco Use Among Teenagers Is Dangerously HighLooking at the young man, you would opt for a laughter session instead of sympathizing with him. With smoke bellowing from virtually every opening on his body, he was busy smoking, puff after puff. I was left wondering, was this young teenager smoking cigarettes aware of the adverse negative effects he is exposing himself? There are multiple effects that come along with the smoking of cigarettes, especially to the younger generation who are at a higher risk due to their underdeveloped body structures and organs.

If you are a youngster who is seriously interested in sports either for leisure or as a profession, then smoking ought to be the last thing on your mind. Any teenager smoking cigarettes is likely to develop difficulties in breathing with time. This is a result of the serious damage caused on the lungs by the contents of the cigarette, majorly nicotine. It can start as shortness of breath or inability to hold your breath for long. Sports and these physical activities that youths often engage in won’t be yours at all.

The capacity of your lungs to hold adequate oxygen for necessary body development will be drastically reduced. I doubt if yellow and rough fingers would be any youth’s wish either. For that young teenager smoking cigarettes with no intention of dropping that habit any sooner, have in mind that whichever thing that has been described above is in store for you. After the damage is caused, there is absolutely no remedy and you will have to live with those scary fingers for the rest of your days.

Don’t even attempt removing them as no amount of scrubbing will get rid of them. The same applies to the teeth. Those lovely white teeth can be stained beyond recognition. You might be left wondering if that is actually you or just a nasty representation of yourself. Why should you willingly discolor your teeth when you have a better option of keeping them sparkling and shining.

Have you ever heard the sound of an old engine train on an uphill task? You wouldn’t like to be part of the passengers even for a single minute. It is just horrible! That’s exactly, if not worse, how it feels to be around persistent smokers. Their cough is irritating, a product of severe damage on the chest and lungs. This is the best way your body can try to get rid of the toxic fumes you put into your system on a daily basis.

The lungs of that teenager smoking cigarettes are just seeking for consideration, to be spared of the dangerous smoke. Nothing is more disgusting than mouth odor. An addicted smoker will always have that undesirable breath whenever he tries to speak. You will never be at ease whenever there is a social gathering, he or she will always be stinking like smoke.

Moreover, if you take a glance at the lips of a teenager smoking cigarettes, you might be forgiven for mistaking it with a newer version of sandpaper. So dry and undesirable! The question I never cease to ask myself is: Is there no other safer way of advocating for your death other than smoking cigarettes? If you were unaware, that’s where you are headed. It isn’t and will never be cool.

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