All About Foods For Stomach Cancer

By Harris Walker
Updated February 23, 2016
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All About Foods For Stomach CancerIf you're diagnosed with stomach cancer, then you may find that part of your treatment is made up of a nutritional diet, designed to contain the perfect amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and calories for maintaining strength and improving the healing process. Most of the time, the right foods for stomach cancer patients are those that contain a lot of protein, and a very small amount of carbohydrates. If you speak to your doctor or a registered dietitian, you should find that they will be able to help you put together a diet plan for your needs that is catered to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Foods High in Protein:

One of the best types of foods for stomach cancer patients are those that contain extra protein. Usually, health experts recommend drinking plenty of milk and eating extra portions of cheese and eggs as a way of building up this protein. For extra calories, adding sauces to your food can be a good way to change up your diet, but remember to speak to your doctor before eating anything new, as you don't want to start eating products that might worsen your condition.

Similarly, eating foods that will increase the fat content in your body can help you with a problem known as "dumping syndrome", which describes a sudden drop in blood pressure that may show itself through palpitations and a feeling of weakness or fatigue.

Adding Extra Substances to your Diet:

Foods for stomach cancer patients should include extra calcium, iron, and vitamin D, as these can all help to improve the recovery process. Some great sources of these substances include bread, broccoli, milk, cabbage, and sardines. Keep in mind that the iron found in red meats is often more easily absorbed by the body than the iron found in fish.

On the other hand, while you should enhance the amount of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and protein in your body, you should only eat fiber in small portions, as foods with high amounts of fiber can make stomach cancer patients feel uncomfortably full. Lentils and beans, as well as cabbage and leafy greens can all have the same effect, so avoid eating too many of these foods at the same time. What's more, try to eat little and often, instead of committing to three large meals a day. Many stomach cancer patients find that this process helps to lower the amount of discomfort they typically feel.

Eat Bland Foods and Drink Clear Liquids:

Patients with stomach cancer frequently find that they suffer from instances of nausea. However, eating bland foods such as dry toast and crackers can help individuals to avoid this problem, as can eating food at room temperature to reduce odor and taste. With your food, try to sip clear liquids such as water, broth, tea, and apple juice, but remember that too much liquid at once can lead to the dumping syndrome. Because of this, it's important to find a healthy balance between dehydration and discomfort.

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