Indulging yourself in a triathlon is something you need to prepare very well for, but before doing that, you need to understand and know further within yourself your purpose of going through it so that you will develop the perseverance and determination to withstand the challenging training for the first triathlon.

Training for your first triathlon is not impossible to achieve, but it requires a lot of patience and determination. The first thing that you need to consider is to identify your goal in terms of the length of the triathlon you wish to complete. From there, the training specifications will be identified in such a focused way that you and your body will be prepared.

It was suggested that a distance of 15 miles is good choice for a first-timer or beginner. From this, the training will enable you to improve your endurance, lose some weight, and basically progress your health without taking a lot of your time during your week. The identified stance of 15 miles will also help you to identify your strengths and will be able to explore strategies that would be helpful in progressing yourself in the actual triathlon event.

Considering that you need to undergo training for your first triathlon, it is very crucial that you build a base. Building a base would mean, conditioning your joints with the new stressors to avoid any further injuries from training. To start, you can go walking or jogging.

For those who are overweight starters, walking and running may further injure your joints, so it is highly advisable that you start with cycling or swimming to reduce some pounds before proceeding to running. It is very important that you lose some weight in order to avoid injuring your joints and tendons. Eventually, when you are able to build up your base, continued exercising will lead to the strengthening of the joints, tendons, and muscles.

On the other hand, there are some things you need to seriously consider before proceeding with your training for your first triathlon. According to experts, you should be consistent in following the 10% rule. It means that you should not increase your distance and duration of your training beyond 10% on the following or next week. And together with the 10% rule, you need to observe a week of rest once every month. This is to prevent getting burned out from the training process. Aside from that, having a one-week rest per month to strengthen your body and to gain more endurance.

When you’re able to build your base, you may start training for the three events namely: swimming, biking, and running. Although it may sound so serious as the core of the whole training for your first triathlon, but this will definitely answer your goal. As per advice from the experts, the need to train for the three events is only two times per week in every sport, which make up six days with one day of rest.

It can also be scheduled as having two events in one day with the other four days doing one training schedule every day. With this schedule, there are two rest days. If you wish to know further about triathlon training programs, there are numerous books written by experts for this extraordinary event that you can refer to.