Today, there are around 86 million Americans in the country who have been diagnosed with a condition called "pre-diabetes", which can eventually progress into full blown diabetes. There are another 29.1 million Americans that already have diabetes. With so many people struggling with the problems that diabetes poses, blood sugar control is vital. Fortunately, there are indications that certain natural substances like apple cider vinegar might be able to help control glucose and insulin resistance in people with diabetes. Here, we'll try and answer the question "Does apple cider vinegar really help with diabetes?"

Apple Cider Vinegar and Type 2 Diabetes:

When asking the question "Does apple cider vinegar really help with diabetes?" we first need to recognize the fact that there are two different types of diabetes. In cases of type 2 diabetes, the condition is caused by a combination of blood sugar problems and insulin levels. In other words, you suffer from type 2 diabetes when you can't regulate your blood sugar levels naturally with the use of insulin, because of insulin resistance.

Nutrients like apple cider vinegar can be very helpful for people with type 2 diabetes because these can help to limit the amount of blood sugar in the system. Apple cider vinegar is one of the many solutions that has built up a good reputation in regard to reducing problems resulting from insulin resistance. Certain medications for diabetes have even been specifically created to change the way that the body digests sugars and starches. It is essential to understand that blocking certain compounds can prevent blood sugar spikes that contribute to diabetes.

Some experts believe that apple cider vinegar can have the same effect as various medications when regulating blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance is a key factor for people with type 2 diabetes, and improving your sensitivity to insulin can be very beneficial. In one study, people who were given around 40 grams of apple cider vinegar with 40 grams of water and another tablespoon full of sugar after a meal rich in sugars and carbohydrates had better insulin sensitivity.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Type 1 Diabetes:

Of course, when answering the question "Does apple cider vinegar really help with diabetes?" it's worth noting that this substance has benefits not just for type 2 diabetes. Indeed, people with type 1 diabetes can also experience a lot of benefits from apple cider vinegar. Because meals present a problem for people with type 1 diabetes, leading to the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into glucose, apple cider vinegar can help in reducing the rate at which the blood sugar level rises.

One study conducted by the American Diabetes Association found that consuming apple cider vinegar regularly helped to limit blood sugar levels for people suffering from type 1 diabetes. The results of the study indicated that adding just two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar into a meal could help to reduce levels of blood sugar after a person with type 1 diabetes ate a regular meal.